Friday, August 10, 2007

Wait Until You Read THIS....

I have been reading some blogs this morning while everyone has been sleeping in. And let me tell you this shit is scary!!! Not even close to funny and really disturbing! I usually post cute, funny little things about my kids, my family and throw in a picture here and there, not lately. There has been so much disturbing 'news' lately that I just have to post it and inform as many people as I can about all this bad stuff! I might be slow to catch onto all this stuff... but maybe some of you haven't heard/read this stuff either.

I started off reading this blog by Radioactive Girl and I found out some interesting stuff... things to help make the planet last us a little bit longer. I do plan on buying some florescent light bulbs and also getting a hot water heater blanket... how could I not after reading her post. I want to live in a better world, and I want that for my children and future children. Those two little things can change a lot. I'm going to look up some other things that we can do differently and change in how we live each day, to make this a better, healthier place to live.

You know every time you turn around you hear of someone else you know having cancer, or having MS or something like that... and you wonder... "Why the in the hell, are so many people sick with these horrible diseases?" ~ Well at least I wonder that. In this area there seems to be a lot of people that get sick from the same thing... the same kind of cancers the same sort of tumors and heart problems, and MS and I have always thought that there must be something in this area or something that we are all doing wrong or using that is making so many people sick. Maybe all this stuff is part of it. Read this post by Izzy Mom and the one listed at the beginning of this blog... Mommy Off The Record and it is just enough to make me throw out every thing in this house... from toys to baby soap, shampoo, bubble bath to the furniture and all! UH!!! Every time I read something on this computer I find out that there are things out there just waiting to harm my children! I have a lot of "cleaning" to do... meaning I'm throwing all this shit out!!
Once you read these other blogs you will totally understand where I'm coming from!!
The girls are up so I will work on posting something at nap time. It's a rainy crummy day so I won't be outside doing anything.
I'll be back...


Izzy said...

This is what I love about blogging!

Thank you for spreading the word about this stuff and for trying to do things to help the environment. It's easy to feel like you're just one person and it won't make a difference but it does :)

Jennifer said...

Izzy, thank YOU for all the info and for sharing it! I cannot believe how much CRAP there is out there that is harming us, our CHILDREN and OUR world, and not a whole lot of people seem to care! I don't mind sharing the word about almost anything, and this is something that definitely needs to be shared!!! :)
By the way, I love reading your blog! Thanks!!

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