Sunday, August 26, 2007


Here is a recap of the last few weeks, I'll be fairly brief... but you all know me, that isn't easy. : )
So.... lets see. The last post I did was on August 10th... well on the 10th, it was a Friday, we went grocery shopping. Yeah, I know this is what my Friday nights have come down to... a BIG night out to the grocery store with the whole family. YIPPEE... but we did go to dinner first, so I guess that makes it a little bit better. We were still getting everything ready and set for our big camping trip to Connecticut!! Everyone was pretty anxious... well the adults at least and my 11 year old nephew... my kids didn't really understand or know what was going on. Trevor, even told us that he rather stay home with uncle Ralph (my brother) then go with us. He didn't mean it in a way that staying with uncle Ralph would be bad, and going would be worse.. he just thought he would have a good time with uncle Ralph and not such a good time camping. : ) The mind of an almost 4 year old. But, anyway, back on track. Saturday we hung out all day, and packed stuff in the camper, although I had been packing all week. I packed everyone's clothes, and some junk. Bryan got all the bigger things ready, the grill and chairs, kids little picnic table and bikes. Sunday, we had a birthday gathering for my mom's birthday. Her actual birthday was on the 14th... Tuesday, but she would be in Connecticut, with me and my brother Ryan and everyone, but Ralph and Jamie and Julie wouldn't be there, so we had a gathering on Sunday. It was a surprise. : ) I made some angel food cupcakes and some loafs of angel food cake too.. they came out really good. I used my new silicone bake ware. LOVE IT!! Cools fast, cooks well, easy to clean up!! : ) I also had cut up some strawberries and they were marinating in their own juice so they would be really yummy with the angel food cake. I also had some really, really good blueberries, and I'm not usually a blueberry fan. I find them mostly tart and or not a pleasant taste... but these were really tasty. We also had some Cool Whip topping for the cake and fruit, and some vanilla ice cream on the side! It was YUMMY!
Okay, then we came home from that... well let me rewind some... after some cake and all that... we were outside hanging out and the boys went in the pool... by boys I mean, Trevor, Matthew and Bryan... they had a good time. : ) The little girls ran around playing and happy... and the rest of us just sat around and talked... it was nice. : )
We came home, got the kids in for mini naps, and started dinner and packed some more. It was a good day. : )
Monday... August 13th The Departure Day!
(I'll be back with more, I have to put some girls in the bath... )


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