Friday, August 31, 2007

Updating & Working on Blog...

Hello everyone. I'm back, briefly. I have a lot of information, news, stories, and of course pictures to share with all of you. But, with having three children, what I don't have is a lot of time to be typing on here. I used to type during nap time, but I have been staggering the kids naps, so that Trevor and I get some time together when the girls first go down, and then they get some time with me before he wakes up. It works out well, except that there is no time now for me to do things by myself while they nap. This is a temporary thing, because soon Mr. Trevor will be starting Pre-School, one of my many things to post on here... and he will be gone from home, so I want to get in as much time with him as I can before he goes to pre-school. Our days of just hanging out bumming around the house are numbered. : (
Anyway. I am going to download some pictures from the camera to the computer and post some of them.
Then I will be back, after I start some laundry and put some water on to cook ziti for dinner.
  1. Our trip to Connecticut
  2. Trevor's new scooter
  3. Brooke & Lauren with Trevor's old scooter
  4. The kids swimming in the ocean (sound)
  5. Trevor's BIG new accomplishment
  6. Trevor starting pre-school
  7. Update on BIG girl beds
  8. New Niece ~ Sabryna
  9. Bryan's BIG "3-0H" birthday coming up
  10. Trevor's BIG "4th" birthday coming up
  11. Lauren's BIG "2nd" birthday coming up
  12. Brooke's BIG "2nd" birthday coming up
  13. Our next camping adventure, Mexico, NY

So that is that for now... I'll be back, after these messages. : )


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