Friday, August 31, 2007

NO N.A.P.S.!!!

So my kids are on strike or something, or they knew I had things I wanted to get done while they napped, because NO one and I mean NO one is napping in my house today. Trevor was in his room just talking and making silly noises, and then he was playing with some cars and stuff. Then a little while after that he was out here, by me, asking me if he could just get up because he wasn't really tired and he was bored.
Then since I put the girls in their room to take a nap, they have been up, out of their beds, and giggling, just having a grand ol' time in there. I put them back in their beds, a few times, maybe like 3 or 4 times, but they just continued to get up. They were jumping on their beds and then they had almost every that they own out. I decided if you can't beat them, because it is against NY state laws, then to just let them get up. :D
So everyone is up and playing and driving me up the wall... well not too bad. But it would have been much better if they would have napped for me.


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