Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Played!!!

Hey you all out there in Blogger Land! : ) I just had to do a quick post because I have NO time at all to totally fill you in... but I wanted to post this, because I'm so excited that I did it and LOVED it and want to and cannot wait to go back again!!! : ) Today, we went to play PAINTBALL! : ) Bry has played for years now, he was even on a professional team, and did tournaments and all, but I have never played before today. It was freakin' awesome!!
I got shot a few times, but that is just par for the course! I got shot twice in the same hand... not my shooting hand though! : ) Once in the forehead, that one hurt a little at first... and then a few in the back and two in the leg. It was GREAT!! (not getting shot, playing!) I had so much fun, and surprisingly I was pretty good at it! I'm thinking this could be my new sport/hobby, although it is pretty costly! Bry has a $1,000.00 gun, with some other things added to it... and paint is a little pricey, and then there is the gear and all that. BUT I'm really thinking I need my own gun... and gear! ; )
I'll post some more about it later!!


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