Thursday, September 6, 2007

FIRST Day...

So today was Trevor's Big First Day of pre-school... well for this year. He did go last year to pre-school, but it was only half a day and it was a lot less tramatic for me. : ( I'm missing him and worrying about him like crazy this morning.

He was fine that I was leaving him there, he was actually one of the three kids NOT crying. There were a lot of upset little kids this morning. I'm glad he wasn't upset for me to leave him. Although when I was going to leave, he was going to get up from his seat and go with me, he thought we were both going to leave. I told him he was going to stay and play and maybe color some more, and learn some new things, make some new friends, have lunch and a rest time, and that I would be back to get him later. He was fine with that. He smiled and gave me a big kiss... and went back to coloring his picture. I felt bad leaving, but while he was okay with me leaving him there, I did. : ( I left him there at about 9:05 AM and won't be back to get him until 3:20 PM. UH! That is like FOREVER! Last year my Dad would drive him in so he left kind of early, but he was with my Dad so I wasn't concerned at all... and then he would be in school for about 2 1/2 hrs then I would go get him about 11:15. It was GREAT. : ) We would have the whole afternoon together. Today he will eat lunch in school and rest in school and it will just a long, long, very long day without him at home. :(

Lauren and Brooke keep asking for him too. About every 5 minutes they are calling him and then come to me and ask me where he is. I guess they are missing him too!

I just hope he has a GREAT first day, and has a good time and a lot of fun, and is a good boy, and isn't home sick. : ( I also hope he eats some of his lunch and does rest some. Once I get him and know that he had a GREAT day, then I will be okay with letting him go a full day... maybe. I'm sure for a while it will be a HUGE adjustment and I will worry and wonder about him all day. And, I'm always going to miss having him at home! The summer went by way to fast!

Well anyway... here are some pictures of Trevor starting his first day of full-day pre-school. : )


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