Saturday, September 15, 2007

Playground Time!

The other night, I think it was Wednesday night, yeah it was... Bryan had football practice. Yes, although he is an old man now, he has decided to play football. : ) I'm only slightly concerned for his safety because I know he is generally really good at anything he does or tries, especially sports, well actually I guess really anything. BUT lets not EVER tell him this. So because of his knowledge and ability I'm not too worried he will get hurt. BUT because it is football, and although it isn't full contact football, the first 5 yards is full contact then the rest is flag football. Whatever I'm not sure exactly what it is or the rules but I am worried, some, that he will get hurt. I missed his first two games, they were on the same day one right after another, but they got whooped anyway, so no biggie. This coming Sunday he has a game, and I'm hoping the weather is good enough for the kids and I to go watch him play. They play in ANY kind of weather.

Back to the point of the post... Bryan had football practice, and it happened to be at the elementary school in Monticello, so I took the kids to watch him and to play some. They had a blast. The playground was a little big and I thought some what intimadating, but none of my three found anything that they couldn't or wouldn't do. Well only Lauren wouldn't go down one slide on her own, I had to take her down, but that is okay. It was high up and only had a little lip on the side of the slide. I was nervous for them to do it on their own anyway, but nothing stops Trevor or Brooke.

They even got to play with a little boy that just turned two, Elijah! He was a cutie. His dad plays on Bryan's team, actually I think he might be one of the coaches for Bryan's team. He was a typical little two year old boy. Rough, tough and ready to go! Since the kids were all calling me "Mommy" he started calling me Mommy too, and mama. It was kind of interesting. I wonder if my kids would call someone else Mommy/Mama if they were with them and their children. I almost don't think they would. I think they wouldn't call them anything instead of calling them Mommy/Mama. But I could be wrong. Well, because of his calling me Mommy/Mama, Brooke was on automatic defense mode, she gets a little jealous over Trevor and Lauren sometimes being by me, or if I'm holding them and they have always been around since she has. So this new kid was NOT making her happy by calling me Mommy. They on top of it, I was going to hold their hands and walk them to the truck so I could get the diaper bag, and HE didn't want me to hold Brooke or Lauren's hands. He was yelling at them, "NO! My Mommy!" "No!" Then Brooke was yelling back and Lauren a little bit, saying "NO! MY Mommy!" and then he would scream at them, it was horrible. I felt so bad for Brooke she just couldn't handle it, she was crying so hard, and wanted me to pick her up, but also wanted him to go away. And Lauren, just didn't know what to do or think, she was upset too and then he was hitting and pushing her. So I had two crying girls, a little boy that was upset to share me, and Trevor who was now concerned why his sisters were crying. It was pretty interesting, but we worked it out.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the practice and some from the kids on the playground. There aren't any pictures of Elijah, only because I couldn't take any pictures while watching 3 two year olds, well one two year old and two almost two year olds and an almost 4 year old.


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