Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick Update...

So I'm just going to do a run down of the things that have been going on here lately. I have been way to busy to type on this blog religiously, but please don't abandon reading this... I'll be back on track soon. I'm just trying to get settled, still, with Trevor being in pre-school full days and taking and picking him up... also we just got home from a four day weekend camping trip, and that always throws us off schedule for a little while.
Some other things going on with us...
Trevor is going to be 4!! YES!!! FOUR years old! I, myself, cannot believe that he has been around for four years!! Where oh where has the time gone?? Seriously, where? So he is turning 4 on Saturday, 9.29 and we are going to take him and the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. He wanted his party there, but too much money for all the kids that we would like to have at his party... so for this year we are going to just take them and have his party at home, on Sunday. We have a lot to do here anyway... so it should be fun! : )
We just went and got some presents tonight for him, and some things for his party. I'm going to make him his cake, his request was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. : ) My kind of kid!!
Then after the weekend, we are going to have cupcakes in school for his birthday on Monday. Monday's my Mom is off and will stay with the girls so I can take the stuff into the school easier. : ) Thank God, for moms!!
Then on Tuesday Lauren has a doctors appointment to find out why she has been getting soooo many bug bites, and why she seems to be soooo allergic to them, and what we can do to help her out... it can't be fun to be that bite up and itching and scratching them like she does. She is all scabs and she has a million little scars already, that should heal up and go away since she is little, but I just want to fix this for her, I feel so bad that she has so many bites. There has to be something we can do. Also, I want to talk to the doctor about the marks on the backs of her legs that she has had since she was born, and are still there two years later. I think we might also ask to see a specialist about them. I'm not happy with them still there.
Then lets see what else, then the following weekend... Lauren and Brooke will be turning TWO!! YES! Terrific two's!! Two two year olds!! Oh my!! : ) It is going to be wonderful!! I can't believe they are going to be two years old already. This is how old Trevor was when I had them. It just doesn't seem possible that it was two years ago that I gave birth to them. Anyway... we are having their party on Sunday after their birthday too! Not sure if we are going to be going any where on their bday, but we'll see. Maybe we can con Daddy into another trip to Chuck E. Cheese's. : )
We still have to plan everything for their birthday party and get it all set up, and of course, shop for them! That is the fun part! They are so into Mickey Mouse, and Dora right now, and of course Elmo... that it won't be hard at all! : )
Then the following weekend is Joey and Cassie's wedding... also Bryan and Mine (dating) anniversary... 7 years! Wow... can't believe it has been that long either. Time sure has flown by! Doesn't feel like that long at all. I guess that is a good thing. So October 13th, will be 7 years for us, and the beginning of hopefully a long happy marriage for Joey & Cassie. (Joey is Bryan's brother, almost the youngest one)
Then the weekend after that we might go to Six Flags, for Fright Fest!! I love it! I hope it works out for us to go!! I love things like that! : )
Then the following weekend, we are going to be at Heather's house celebrating her birthday with her, Halloween style! : ) Should be a blast, she wants everyone to come in costume!! : )
Then I'm sure I'm missing some things in there some where...
I know that I have two nieces with birthdays in October too, Julia's is 10.25 and Katelyn's is 10.10 so I'm sure we will be partying some more! Plus some other Halloween things too. We have to go pumpkin picking at some point then carving or painting them... and then of course at the end of the month Trick OR Treating... and there is also Grandma Joyce's bday and A. Jillian's bday too! Wow!! October is going to be soooo busy for us!!
Well I would love to stay on and fill you all in on some more details, like of our GREAT camping trip to Mexico... Mexico, NY that is!! : ) BUT I'm beat, and I have some things I have to still do tonight... so I'm going to say good night and I'll try to get back on here soon and give a better update, and add some of the many pictures that I took while we were away!! : )
~ While we were away we....
  • Hunted for pumpkins
  • Took a hay ride
  • Made a mask
  • Hung out with our cousins, Matthew, Kayce and Kalyn
  • Hung out with Grandma and Grandpa
  • Hung out with A. Audrey and U. Bill
  • Walked in the river
  • Played at the playground
  • Played cards, mostly UNO
  • Flew a kite
  • Saw Lake Ontario
  • Walked along the HUGE river
  • Ate at Cracker Barrel
  • Trick Or Treated
  • Were in a Halloween parade
  • Went to a haunted house
  • Went crayfish finding
  • Hung out
  • Made and ATE smores
  • Played mini golf
  • Mined for crystals and special rocks

I'm sure I'm missing some things from this list too, but I'll try to remember more!! : ) Tomorrow is another day!!


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