Friday, September 28, 2007

My Little Boy

Tomorrow, September 29th, my little boy will be FOUR years old. I can hardly believe it. Really! I can't. It just seems like yesterday I found out on Super Bowl Sunday that I was pregnant, and then standing in my parents kitchen, telling them I was pregnant too. Then Bryan and I called his family and told them all. We were so happy. Finally, we were going to have a baby!! We couldn't have been happier.
I remember each of those moments like they just happened yesterday, or this morning. Now look, my little man is going to be four. He can spell and write his name. He knows his phone number and is away from me for 6 1/2 hours Monday through Friday, for the first time ever. :( He is getting so big. He is wearing size 5T jeans/pants and size 5-6 shirts, and I even got him a few Nike jackets that are size 7 and fit him well. He is also getting smarter every day too. Of course, he is still just as handsome as he started out four years ago, or maybe even cuter, if that is at all possible. Yeah.... if you can't tell... I'm still in-love with this little guy.
I remember holding him for the first time, and thinking just how amazing he was. Just looking at that beautiful little face and knowing that he was always going to be perfect to me and every day he would amaze me more and more. I couldn't have been more right.
Today, we let Trevor play hooky from school... I kind of thought about doing it and mentioned it to Bryan, but then thought that he should go and I wouldn't mention it. Then morning came, and while Trev was finishing waking up and watching some morning cartoons, I asked him what he wanted to wear to school today... pants or shorts. And he said that he wanted to just stay home and hang out... could he please have a day off?. Well what do you say to that... also it was accompanied by the cutest little face. So I told him he had to call Daddy and ask him... and of course his Dad gave in. You know you wouldn't be able to resist giving in to that sweet little voice pleading with you for a day off from school... please. : )
So we hung out and had a GREAT day. The kids all seemed to get along pretty good, and we even did an arts and crafts project... we painted pumpkins that we got when we were camping. They had an awesome time decorating them... but one word to the wise about this... IF you are planning on doing this with your children... which I highly recommend... it was fun... but if you use Crayola Washable paint... then do NOT and I repeat... DO NOT put your pumpkins outside to dry when it is going to be torrential down pours in less then 20 mins. Ummm.. yeah. Brooke and Lauren's pumpkins are almost all washed off... Trevor had his paint more spread out... so his dried faster and most of his paint stayed on. We could just rinse them totally clean and paint them again, since we did have such a good time the first time. Grandma, said just call this first time a trial run. :D
I totally enjoyed my day with the kids, and I was so glad to have Trevor home. I really do miss him like crazy when he is at school... I think about him all day long, and wonder how his day is going and if he is having fun and a good day... if he is happy. Which I think he is... and I really hope he is... but you know us mom's we have to worry. I love having him home with me!!! :)
So right now the girls are in bed, and Trevor and I have been watching a few movies... we watched Flushed Away with the girls and now we are watching Shrek... I keep on typing during commercial breaks... but I'm going to end this post now and go cuddle with my baby. My big boy, turning four tomorrow, but will always be my baby boy...
Plus, I want to give him this time, because soon he is going to bed, so I can decorate the house for him to wake up to tomorrow morning... I want to put up some balloons and stuff... I'll probably take some pictures of it... because you know me. LOL anyway... I gotta go get some cuddles in .


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