Thursday, October 25, 2007

Green Green Green!

Yesterday Trevor had a GREEN day all day!! :) We were so happy for him! Green day = Good day! He hasn't been being naughty in his class, but there are about 8 boys, and they are crazy! No other way to put it. They are all happy, and they all get along really, really, REALLY well! Maybe too well. They are loud, and rough house, and laugh and poke one another and say things that any four year old little boy would laugh at, like 'poopy-ball' and things like that. They are not bad children, but they are WILD children, and they don't always listen as well as they should. BUT my little man had a great day all day long, with no warnings, no time-outs nothing. I'm very proud of him! He is a really smart little guy, I'm sure he will figure out this whole school thing soon. : )
Today is the BIG day we take Lauren to see Dr. Fishman... who I hope will be better then his PA and more into checking her out and not just throwing a random diagnosis at us. But we shall see. Bryan is going to be able to meet me there, so maybe that will help me stand up and say what I really want them to do. Although I have a BIG mouth... for those of you that know me, you aren't surprised, but anyway, although I can be loud and say what I think, when it comes down to standing up to people I'm not always the best at it. I don't like conflict... I mean who does? But this is different, this is about my daughter, this isn't about me, so I think the BEAST will be unleashed if they don't do something today. I will be nice at first because I think that is the best first approach at the situation, but then after that, I will just have be more aggressive and stronger and if need be a bitch.
She has a ton more "marks" on her. Since the treatment on Thursday night. She is covered on one leg, well almost covered and then on her shoulders she has some on and on her neck, her side and her thighs. I'm just sick of seeing her be uncomfortable. It isn't fair. And I'm really concerned that this could be something serious. I try to keep my mind from those thoughts, but it continuously wanders there. I can't help but think that. I lay awake at night and go through a million and one different thoughts of what this could be. I just pray that it isn't anything damaging or long lasting, or horrible. Well more horrible then it has been to her already. Thankfully it doesn't seem to affect her health. She is very healthy, thank God, other than the "marks". Trevor and Brooke are very healthy too, so that is good.
Well enough rambling, at least for now. I'm going to try to post some pictures, while Brooke and Lauren are sitting so sweet together watching Dora! : )


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