Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random Stuff.

Today is Wednesday... hump day! Thank God. We are half way through the week. I know some of you are wondering why it matters... I don't work. But I do. It is hard work to convince Trevor these days to go to school. It is even harder to not give in to him begging, and pleading so nicely that he doesn't want to go and could he please, pretty please stay home. That he will be a good boy and help out with cleaning and laundry and the girls and all that. :( Poor baby. He isn't enjoying school this year very much. I feel horrible too. Last year he loved it. Of course on occasion he would ask to stay home, and I would let him. But this year it is almost every day that he wants to stay home. He has NOT gone to school one full week this year. Not one! I can't believe it either, but he hasn't. Some of it was school holidays, and some was us being on vacation, but the others was him just needing "a day off".
Hmm... Not sure what to do about this. But I have to do something because I don't want this to effect him for the rest of his school career. I can't imagine kindergarten going any smoother if I don't get this fixed now.
So yeah!! Thank God we are half way through the week. : )
Some other things are that Lauren has another doctors appointment on Thursday (tomorrow) with the dermatologist again. Although, this time she will be seeing the actual doctor not the PA. I won't even get into what we thought of the PA and more importantly what we thought of his diagnoses of Lauren. :( Sucky!!
BUT we did the treatment he recommended although NONE of us... not one of us thought that he was correct. We thought we would give it a shot and see if maybe it would make a difference in her "condition". It didn't. I guess I should also specify who "we" are... or "us" are actually. When I say us... I mean, myself, Bryan, my parents, my brothers, Lauren's Pediatrician, and her Allergist, none of us think that this was the correct diagnoses or treatment plan. So we are going back again. I hope that the doctor has a better idea of what is going on with her. The other thing I want done is some blood work. For the life of me I can't understand why no one has done blood work on her! I guess since I'm the parent, I am her advocate. She can't articulate what is going on with her, what she feels and all that. So I will be her voice. I am going to strongly suggest/ask/demand blood work be done and also a biopsy of one of her "marks/welts" as well. The allergist recommend the biopsy so I will just mention that and push for it to be done. I'm not taking no for an answer any more. I hate to see her suffering and itching and all full of scabs and scars and all drugged up. I want some answers I want some results and dammit I deserve them and more importantly she deserves them!! So tomorrow is our big day... 1:30 PM is the show time. I hope this doctor is a little more friendly, has some more personality BUT mostly I hope he is more educated and has some more brains and can really diagnose her and tell us what is going on with her little body.
Well since it is just me and the girls home today things are kind of quiet here. Although Brooke has thrown around a mean attitude a few times today. She just seems to think that everything should be how she wants it when she wants it! And, if that doesn't happen then forget about it. Let the screaming begin. :( She is very out spoken about what she wants.
All in all we are having a good day! I hope that Trevor is having a good day too, and a happy, fun day!! : )
I'm going to sign off for now... I will be back at nap time to post some pictures from this weekend.
Saturday we went to Six Flags ~ Fright Fest & did the regular park too.
Sunday we hung out in the morning then took the kids to the Stone Arch Bridge playground
Monday we went to my parents house for turkey dinner... it was very nice & very YUMMY!
Tuesday Trevor played hooky and we decorated for Halloween!


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