Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Murphy's Oil Soap Bleach Dust Dishsoap!

So, that is what my hands and clothes smell like. : ) Yeah. Yummy. I know. I think this could be the next line in perfume, forget Vera Wang and Sarah Jessica Parker and Este Lauder... here comes the newest fragrance. Sparklin' Kitchen! LOL
I'm, well actually I was feeling super ambitious yesterday and started to do a thorough cleaning of my kitchen, which by the way was well deserving of it.
I broke out the Murphy's Oil Soap, and some HOT water, and the Windex, Goo-Gone, Pledge multi-surface, rags, paper towels, sponges and some elbow grease and got started. I cleaned out each cupboard then cleaned the cupboard itself inside and out. Let me state the it was NEVER fun...but today, as I'm at it yet again it is really REALLY really not fun at all. I'm thinking that if I had some good wine, or hell any wine at all, I would be a happy camper or a happy cleaner, anyway, I would be happy. The closest I'm getting to this dream is that I have whine. You know... whine. From my three kids. Trevor is home today because when he coughs his stomach hurts, which I can understand, he has been coughing a lot, but he also told me that the bone in his neck is hurting him. He pointed near his collar bone, so I'm guessing/assuming/thinking he has a sore throat. GREAT. :( Hope it is just from his dry cough or post nasal drip that he has all night long that has him coughing, and nothing more, like strep or something. The fact that he is okay most of the day and hasn't really complained about it any other time, I think he will be fine.
But, back to the exciting topic at hand... cleaning. My kitchen is not that big really, but damn it is dirty!! That is what is taking me so long. And, actually I'm slightly embarrassed at how filthy it is. Don't worry if you have been here recently and ate something... the general areas of use are pretty clean... but the other areas are just down right scary!! I'm talking about the top of the fridge and other such areas. I'm telling you if social services came here earlier and saw my fridge top, they would be taking my children IMMEDIATELY from my home. That is bad. LOL
But I cleaned it. I'm almost done, and have just run out of steam. I thought if I sat here for a moment and did some procrastinating... um... I mean some posting, I would feel more like finishing up.... BUT I don't. chuckle chuckle.
Oh well I guess I have to get tough with myself and go back to cleaning. I really want to finish up in the kitchen today to get to another room or at least do the other rooms semi well so that we can decorate for Halloween. :)
Okay, the phone rang and I totally forgot that I was typing this. DUH! I was cleaning and talking and all that good stuff. I'm almost done with the kitchen. Thank goodness.
I guess I have done enough procrastinating... for now.
I'll be back.


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