Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkin Picking!

We went pumpkin picking the other day, actually on Monday since Bryan was off from work for the holiday and we actually didn't have anything going on. Which is a true miracle this month. :) We tried some where different this year. And, we LOVED it. :) Heather, Chris, Jillian & Jerry went the other day, and took Nicholas and they said it was really nice, so we thought we would try it out also. It was GREAT!!
There were a lot of things to do there, and it was only like $6.00 per person. Lauren & Brooke were free. Score. :) There was a straw maze, a huge (HUGE) corn maze that Kevin and the kids and I got stuck in and had to make our own way out. They had a petting zoo part, and some other animals you could look at. They had a bouncing house, and a haunted house and a magic show. We didn't make it to the haunted house, the line was long and the kids were hot and tired. And, the magic show was cancelled due to "Medical Emergency". Doesn't sound too good. But that parts that we did get to do and see were great. We even took a hay ride out to this humongous field and picked our pumpkins. There must have been hundreds of thousands of pumpkins.
It was also a really nice day out. A little hot actually, but I'm not complaining. It got to be 92 degrees out that day.
I'd give almost anything for that nice warm weather back today, as I sit here freezing, with ice cold fingers and toes. It has got to be less then 50 degrees out right now, and it was windy and cold all day today. YUCK. But here are some nice sunny pictures from our great day!
Enjoy. : )


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