Friday, October 12, 2007

Dreeeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream...

Early this morning we had Trevor at the side of our bed, with this conversation:

T: Mommy. Mommy wake up.
M: I'm awake, whats the matter honey.
T: There is a BIG spider on the side of my bed, you have to come kill it.
M: Okay, babe, I'm coming.
T: Lets go, hurry, before he gets away.
M: Okay.
T: It was a BIG pink spider. It came down from on top of my tent (he has a tent bed) and got right on my arm, then crawled to my other arm.
M: It was pink?
T: Yeah. And BIG too. It had 10 legs too!
M: (now searching his blankets & room) Spiders usually only have 8 legs and aren't pink. Are you sure you weren't dreaming.
T: Nope. I don't dream. Ever.
M: Okay, well I don't see anything. I looked through all your blankets, shook them all out. I think the spider must have gotten scared and ran away.
T: Nope. It wouldn't get scared. I know it is some where in here.
M: So, what do you want to do about it?
T: I'll sleep in the living room.
M: Okay, lets get your blankets and pillow.
T: Okay, you need yours too. Aren't you going to sleep with me.
M: No, sweetie, I'm going to sleep in my bed. Mommy is very tired.
T: I need to sleep by you.
M: Okay, then lets make a bed for you in Mommy & Daddy's room.
T: Okay.
{we make the bed on the floor with the huge body pillow and a few comforters and all his blankets. He lays down. A few minutes go by.... }
T: Mommy, I see a tail.
M: What kind of tail?
T: A tail. You know.
M: Is it Nalla's tail? It is probably just the cat, honey, go to sleep.
T: Nope. It isn't the cat. Really.
M: Okay, come get in bed with me. But you have to go to sleep.
T: Okay.
T: Mommy. are you sleeping?
M: No.
T: I see things moving up there. (points to top of wardrobe. There is a plant and a few other things, baskets filled with junk and such.)
M: Nothing is moving. It is just your imagination playing tricks on you.
T: No. Really I see it.
D: Trevor, you have to be quiet and go to sleep. Close your eyes and you won't see things moving, or you will have to go back in your bed.
T: (a little crying)

Finally he fell asleep. But it was a rough morning.


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