Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Doctor is a Bloody Idiot!!

Yeah. She is. Really. Well, not my doctor, but the kids pediatrician is freakin bloody idiot!!!
She has worked out well for us in the past because my children are rarely, well really never, ever sick. So we just primarily go for check ups and an occasional thing.
I think Trevor has been on antibiotics one time, and he was little, under one year old. And thank God, he hasn't been on one again. He has had a few minor colds, some that lasted a while, but still minor, one or two stomach viruses but nothing major, nothing more then 24 hours actually, and one time he kept spiking fevers of 103.6, so we took him to Urgent care. But that was just a virus, we had to give him Tylenol and Motrin and eventually he felt better. They couldn't tell us anything more then it was a virus. Whatever! Some times I really hate doctors!! I mean really. What the hell did you go to school so freakin long for and spend all that money on?? And, for me to spend all my money on seeing you, for you to just tell me it is a "virus". That is all. Just a virus. What kind of virus? We don't know. A virus. It is viral. ~ Wow. Super genius. I think I could diagnose people better then that with no medical education or training.
Anyway. The girls have never been on antibiotics, except for Lauren this Summer. She got bite by something and itched it. She had it so opened up and raw that she got an infection in her cells. She was on antibiotics for 7 days and then was fine.
Generally though they are in EXCELLENT health. Thank the Lord above!!
So for our regular check ups and shots and all that she was working out fine. The office is close, they have everything there, labs, x-ray, my OBGYN, Bryan's PCP, sonogram machines, everything. One stop shopping. BUT now that we have had a small problem with Lauren, she has proven herself totally inadequate to handle anything more then just a "well check-up". Lauren has marks all over her body. Welts, I guess you can call them, and they itch her and she scratches them, and then once she does that they are open wounds and bleed and puss, and then they form a scab that she then picks, and it takes a while for them to go away, but then never totally go away, because new ones are always coming. She has them on her head, in her hair, on her face, on her neck, back, arms, chest, tush, legs, feet, toes, hands, fingers, every where you can imagine she has a "boo-boo". So I took her to the doctors to see what she thought, and to see what we can do to make this better. She is covered in welts, scabs and scars. Not fun for her. : ( She is always itching and complaining that they hurt her. She even asks for medicine on them.
You know how most children get lotion on them after their baths, well not Lauren, she gets a lovely mixture of Cortaid and triple-antibiotic ointment. Still things are not getting any better. I feel horrible. I was trying so many things at home thinking it would get better and clear up. But, it hasn't. So now I feel like I have dragged this out for her, that I prolonged this uncomfortableness for her. I didn't mean to. I really thought I was doing things to make her better.
So, finally I took her to the doctors. We go in and she asks me what I think is going on. I say that I guess it is bug bites, because I can't imagine what else it could be. She just takes my word on it. She never even looked over her body, at all. She briefly looked at one of her arms, which is the least of the "infected" area. She was ready to dismiss us, when I said that I wanted her on some sort of medicine to help her clear up or get rid of this and make her feel better. She said nothing would really make it go away, but she would give me Zyrtec to see if that would help with the itchiness and get her to stop itching and picking at them. She only gave me 1 oz of it. Lauren needed to have 1/2 a tsp so it lasted me about 6 days. GREAT. Yeah. I know. After 6 days of a new medicine how could you not see any results??? DUH!! I don't know what the hell she was thinking or if she was even thinking. She didn't even want a follow up appointment.
So, I was on the phone with another M.O.M ~ you know Mom of Multiples ~ she has triplet boys, they are 4!! So she was saying that maybe it was a food allergy, so I was thinking that maybe it was. So I called the ped office and asked for the doctor to call me back that I wanted to talk to her about Lauren and the "welts" she has on her. I wanted to know if they could maybe be a food allergy or some other sort of allergy.
She never did call me back, her nurse did, which I guess is all right, I know she is busy. But, anyway, the nurse said (actually, she read off a piece of paper) that the doctor says that it is NOT any kind of allergy that it is bug bites, the symptoms that she saw today, that the patient presented were bug bites, nothing more. ~ So I said to the nurse, well I think, they are something else. Can we come in and maybe have some blood work done on her or something. I don't feel like they could really just be bug bites. And she said, the doctor isn't going to do anything more, because she feels that they are only bug bites. So I asked if I could take her to an allergist, and if she would give me the name of the allergist in the professional building there. She did and I called and made an appointment with him.
We saw him today. My dad went with us, thank God I didn't have to take both girls by myself. Plus then my dad could hear what the doctor had to say and what his opinion was, and if need be voice his opinion of the situation.
Things went great today. First of all I want to say that I love Dr. Du. He was freakin' AWESOME! His nurse was super sweet and friendly and they were just very attentive to Lauren and just a pleasure to deal with and meet.
Dr. Du, after many questions and fully, I mean FULLY examining Lauren, said first of all that they are NOT and I repeat NOT, no way, no how, bug bites, insect bites, bed bug bites, flea bites, nothing like that. (duh!! that was what we were trying to tell Dr. G the ped dr.) But he also ruled out an allergic reaction to something. And it isn't from stress or anything like that. He suggested that we see a dermatologist, immediately and find out the underlying cause for what is going on with her. He said he could give her meds that would make it all better, but it would only treat it, not cure it. He would like to find out the reason for her having all these 'welts'. I do too! I have been saying that all along. I don't want something to be wrong with her, but I want to know what is going on, and find a way for us to treat it so that she gets better and no longer has to deal with this. It is horrible.
So we are seeing a dermatologist on Thursday at 2pm. And I guess we will go from there. Also Dr. Du wanted a follow up with us in two weeks to see how Lauren is doing and to see what the dermatologist said. He also suggested that they do a biopsy on the 'welts' that she has to gather some information about them.
I really hope and pray that it isn't anything major, but I really want some sort of answer. I'm anxious for the appointment and can't wait to see what he has to say. At the same time I'm nervous and thinking the worse, a little bit. I guess that is just what mothers do. I'm also feeling guilty that I hadn't done something sooner. I guess that is another mothers trait to feel guilty and always second guess yourself. : (
Also, tomorrow we have the girls two year check up appointments with Dr. G. I think tomorrow will be the day that I tell her we are no longer going to be seeing her any more.
There is another pediatrician there Dr. Bacarus that I think we will try out, I have seen him one time when Trev had a long lasting cold that I was wondering if it could be allergies, although he didn't have any severe symptoms, I was worried about him. (remember he was my first) :D
I liked him a lot and he did GREAT with Trevor. So we will see.
Well that is all for now. I have to round up the group and see what everyone is doing. I hear them playing in the living room.
You would not believe how long it took me to type this. Wow! I should have just waited for the girls to go to bed, and Trev to be watching some tv before bed. BUT I started when they were all coloring at the table after dinner and then Trevor was playing with cars, then the girls joined him, then they were all over the place.
Anyway, I will keep everyone posted on what is going on with Lauren. Please everyone keep good thoughts for us, and for her, that we will find out the cause of this and get her treatments to make her all better and back to good health. Thank you.


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