Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Talking about Talking!

Brooke and Lauren have been talking up a storm lately! It is really cool! Trevor talked a lot at this age too, probably even more because he was an only child at that point, well I guess he was a big brother already at the age the girls are now, but anyway, he talked earlier on.
Well, today Lauren and Brooke were eating their breakfast, in the living room. {I know I know, not a good habit to start or let them do... oh well!}
And, Lauren came to me, asking for some more breakfast. She actually said...
"Mommy, I need more toast. Brookie too! Brookie need more toast too!"
I love it! Where did she learn to use "too"?
Then I gave her some more french toast sticks, and then went in the living room to ask Brooke if she wanted some more to eat. And she said...
"Nah... I good"
How funny is that?? That is totally something Trevor would say! {a little better but same concept}
So I asked her again, "Are you sure you don't want some more to eat, Brookie"
and she said...
"Nah, I good. No more breakfast. Mommy look Ego {Diego} on!"

They are just getting too big. I can't believe how well they put things into sentences these days. Brooke is always asking "Where is MY.... " And she will ask for her blanket, binky, her Trevor, her Daddy, her Lauren, anything... but she says it in a sentence form. Of course with Brooke there always has be the MY in there, she is very possessive.
Lauren has been talking a little longer then Brooke, but they are almost even now with the amount of words they use and say and how many they can string together. Lauren maybe is a little easier to understand, but Brooke is pretty good.

Just now Brooke came to me and said... "Where MY toast?" I guess she changed her mind. LOL

Well anyway, I better get going and do some things around here. We have another busy day today. I have to pick Trevor up from school at 1, so he can come home and have a nap with the girls before we all get ready and go off to the doctors at 4:30 & 5 PM today. The girls have their 2 year check up appointments and I'm going to see {hopefully} if everyone can get a flu shot. Then we have book fair at Trevor's pre-school tonight also. Busy, busy, busy!!
That is all for now. I'll be back. I have some pics to post still.


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