Friday, October 5, 2007

What? When? Where? How?

Tonight is the night before Brooke and Lauren turn TWO YEARS OLD!!!!! I'm not sure what happened to those two years. They have just gone in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure when my babies stopped being babies and became TODDLERS. I'm also not sure at all where the time has gone from me being in the doctors office being told that baby B did rotate around to head down in such a late stage of multiple pregnancy so we could have done natural/vaginal labor BUT her fluid level was less then half so they wanted me to go to the hospital immediately to be admitted and prepped for emergency c-section, to sitting here typing about their SECOND birthdays tomorrow. I'm also not quite sure how I'm going to deal with this if time is going to continue to go this fast for the rest of their lives.
I'm not ready for two. I'm not. These are my last babies and I'm not ready for them to stop being babies and start being toddlers. I'm not. I'm not ready for Trevor to be four or for them to be two. I just don't want this to keep going this fast. I do want them to grow up and learn things and become wonderful older children, but not like this... not in the wrinkle of time. I feel like I have missed so much. I feel cheated. I feel like they have been cheated. Although I can remember so many moments from the day they were born till now, like I can with Trevor, I just feel like I have to be missing some for it to already be two years that they are here.
They are the almost the same age (tomorrow) that Trevor was when I had them. I can't believe it. Trevor turned two and a week later I had Lauren and Brooke.
Baby A~ Miss Lauren Ashley was born at 9:18 PM ~ she was beautiful, although I didn't get to see her for very long... I had to still get out Baby B~ Brooke.
Baby B~Miss Brooke Madison was born at 9:56 PM ~ she was beautiful as well, she looked just like Trevor. It was amazing to me that she and Trevor looked almost exactly alike when they were brand new. In baby pictures, Brooke and Trevor look like they are or could be the twins, almost identical and Lauren looks like she would be the singleton. Although now, everyone says how much Lauren looks like Trevor, although I'm sure it is just because they have the same shape face, sort of, and Lauren has short-ish hair. Don't get my wrong, they all do look alike and they all look just like their father. I'm telling ya... carry them for nine months, give birth to them, and they come out looking like their dads. Some how that just doesn't seem right. ;)
We have been working on understanding who is having a birthday tomorrow. I keep asking the girls who's birthday is tomorrow, or I would say Saturday, and they kept on either saying "Trevor!!" or they would just say " Birthday!" and some times just start singing "happy birthday to you"! : ) Too cute!! Just too freakin' cute I tell ya!!
When you ask them how old they are going to be, Lauren says "two" and Brooke says "two, five, six" LOL I guess she is jumping the gun just a little bit. I mean who needs to be 3 or 4... come on now... EVERYONE who is anyone knows that 3 & 4 are completely over rated. LOL!!
Well since I have the living room decorated and the presents wrapped, well most of them, I have two more to do... and the kids are all sleeping.. yeah even Bryan is sleeping. I guess I should head in that direction too!! I can't wait to get up in the morning and have the girls see their decorations and all the balloons and their presents. We got them a joint gift, hopefully it will go over well. It is big enough for the two of them, but we'll see. It is a Dora Vanity. AND, Oh My Goodness they are sooooooooooooooo into DORA!! She rules their world!! LOL and some other things, like My Little Ponies and some blocks and a movie and I don't know what else. But anyway.. I'm sure I will have a few pics of them opening presents tomorrow when they wake up.
My babies are growing into REAL toddlers tonight while they sleep. I cannot believe it has been two fast, flying by years since I had them and brought them home and was scared to death to have two little babies at the same time, while Trevor was still so little and needed so much of my time and attention... but as I look back... I think I handled three of them pretty well and Trevor is very affectionate and a really great well rounded child so I think I did pretty good with him still and the girls seem happy and healthy and well so it is looking good so far!! :)
I'm truly blessed for all I have in my life starting with my children, and the rest of my family!! I couldn't imagine life for one second without any one of them. I love my life, I love my kids, I love Bryan... things are good!!
I'll be back tomorrow or some time to post some more about the birthday events for the girls and also about their big birth day!! : )


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