Friday, November 23, 2007


I know not very original on the title... but that is okay. I think that 175 posts is pretty good. I'm actually keeping up with posting regularly pretty well. I had a blog before this and did okay with it in the beginning, but then after about a month didn't really post all that often, so when I was ready to get back into it, I decided to just start fresh and make this blog. : )

I think this is my release. Well I know it is. I love to write/type things. I can express myself a lot through writing. Although I don't really have a problem with talking either. LOL ~ A few people have told me, well okay two, that I should write a book. I would love to! I just wouldn't have a clue of where to begin or how. I think that I might try to gather some information about this later and try it at some point. Maybe I'll wait until after all the hub-bub of the holidays and try my hand at it in the new year. Which by the way... I cannot believe it is already going to be 2008!! Wow!! I remember when everyone was bugging out about it turning 2000 and what would happen with all the computers and technological stuff in the world and all that... I guess we survived it!! :o) I can't believe that in 2008 my children will be turning 5 and 3!! Not till almost the end of the year... but still. FIVE!! Trevor will be starting kindergarten next year... Brooke and Lauren will be old enough to start pre-school... the same that Trevor did last year. I will have three children that do NOT wear pampers!! (that is my own wishful thinking!!) I can't believe how fast time is just soaring by me lately. Sometimes I'm afraid to blink... because I know I will surely be missing something. :(

Although there are some moments that let me know my babies are getting that big... my lil' man was going to have his first sleepover last night at my parents house with my nephew. My nephew is going to be 12 in February... and has been getting along really well with Trevor lately, they have formed this bond and it is just great to see how much they are enjoying each other. Matthew is very tolerable of Trevor now that he is getting a little bit older and has a lot of patients for him. Trevor, totally idolizes Matthew, and just loves to be with him and play with him and all that. I have to admit, I was nervous, only because Trevor has never slept any where without me... well except two nights in his whole entire life... and that was when I had the girls, but he was at home in his own bed. Anyway... Bryan and I said he could... Matthew was excited but Trevor was off-the-wall excited to get to stay at Matthew's house. ;o) After dinner and dessert we all got ready to leave so that I could go home and get jammies and some blankets and his pillow. He said bye/goodnight to his dad and the girls and was happy to get to stay. I went back over with the stuff and he was playing and fine and happy... we got his jammies on him... well actually he had to do it himself... and then we hugged and kissed and said goodnight... he was fine. I came home and although he would have been in bed already... I was missing him like crazy. I guess just knowing he wasn't here was doing it.
While Bryan and I watched some tv I said that I hoped Trevor was going to be okay... and, although he was only right down the road and at my parents house... I still missed him. :( Bry said he would be okay... not to worry about him...
At 10:03 pm my Dad called, he was bringing Trevor home... he just couldn't sleep there. :( I felt bad that he didn't get to sleepover after he was so excited about it... and I was even more upset that he was worried about sleeping away from home... I hate that home-sick feeling... even if it is only for a few minutes... but I was so glad that he came home. I even told my Dad that when he dropped him off. I missed him. :( So I guess my lil' man isn't growing up so quickly with everything... and I know that no matter what age he is I will miss him like crazy when he isn't home. :( The girls too of course, but they aren't even close to the age of sleeping over some where... although they have stayed with my parents for a weekend... but they slept at home too, while we were away with Trevor at Six Flags.
Well this is all for now... I have a bunch of stuff to do here at home before the weekend comes and I have to go to my parents house... I guess I should get a move on!!



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