Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yay, yay!! It is Saturday!! :o)

I love Saturdays... just because. Doesn't everyone? It is 8:30 and all the kids are up... and ready to start our day. Our house is a little bit cold... so I'm assuming that it is freezing outside. YUCK! But whatever.

Our plan for today is to do some holiday shopping!! I love everything about the holidays!! I love shopping, I love wrapping, I love decorating, I just love it all!! I want to just keep that holiday spirit and mood and bottle it!! Although we are going to be taking all three kids with us to do some holiday shopping today, which wasn't so great last weekend when we went, I'm going to try to make the best of it and see if I work really hard maybe I can make it a pleasant shopping experience for all. :o) After all isn't that a mom's job to try to make everyone happy?

Okay, so back to our plan for today... Bryan is off working this morning... actually I'm not too sure how long he is working for... he may be gone just this morning, or he might be gone all day till this afternoon or even later, and work a full day like he has to all week. Not sure. So that is a little stipulation to our plans, but I'll work around it... if we have to we can shop tomorrow instead.

Since Bryan is at work this morning... I'm going to make the kids a BIG breakfast... maybe if they are stuffed full of food, when we go shopping they will be more happy!! (maybe) Then we are going to color or paint or something fun... I think we will make some Christmas decorations to hang up, since we are done with all other holidays in our house until Christmas comes, I feel we can decorate for it now! ;o) I'm so excited!! That should get them a little bit calmer, get some creative juices out doing a art project, then everyone can have a nice warm, relaxing bath... then get dressed all nice and cozy warm... but in clothes that we can go to the store in.. and then hang out maybe play a game or something then it will almost be nap time for Lauren and Brooke... spend some time with just Trevor, maybe playing some Candy Land or Uno. Then it will be nap time for Trevor too. Then I can wrap some presents and clean up our house. I'm not sure if we are getting company later or not... but we'll see. I want to straighten up the house anyway... because I would like to start decorating it. ;o)

I'm also going to pack up the diaper bag, well re-pack it... I want to replenish some things like wipes... which there aren't any in there... which I'm not sure how in the world that happened!! But, anyway... I'm going to doctor up the diaper bag and I'm going to add some snacks and stuff to it to keep everyone happy while shopping. :o) I might help... it might not. But I'm hoping it will make everyone a little bit happier.

So part A of my plan is underway... Bryan is at work, one thing done. Hey. When you have a long list.. you gotta count everything. lol. The kids are eating, and happily, I might add. They are have some blueberry waffles with some syrup. I think that the sugar might give them the energy we will need to make it through the day and get some shopping done. I might end up with hyper kids, but at least they won't be cranky tired kids... especially if I can get them to nap before we go. ;o) Yippity Skippity we have a plan!! lol

Okay, I'm going to go work on some craft ideas for the kids and also the other things I need to do to go later...



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