Monday, November 12, 2007


Duh! Some where in all my ramblings I forgot to mention that I did the scabies treatment again on Lauren and this time on Brooke too. I don't that is what she has... but they said they can't rule out the chance of scabies based on the biopsy. GREAT. Anyway. I washed all their bedding, in the middle of cleaning my carpets and emptying rooms to do so. Then at bed time we loaded them both up with the medicine, which is a cream that has to go head to toe and every where. Under your nails, under your armpits well, and in all creases and folds you may or may not have. Lauren and Brooke have no creases and/or folds, only under their arms. : ) We loaded them up and put them to bed. Then this morning they were up before 7:20 AM, so I got up and stripped them and their bedding, put the girls in the bath and the laundry to wash. I'm still doing laundry I got most of their bedding done, but I'm doing some other in between. I hope this will work. I have my doubts and they are really strong, but we'll see.
I can't believe I forgot to post this. I know that we have gotten a lot of support and hoping and finger-crossing from everyone that we find out what is going on with Lauren and get it taken care of, so I wanted to keep you all up to date. : ) Wish us luck that with all the cleaning and the treatment again that this maybe solves our problem. Thank you.


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