Monday, November 19, 2007

I was tagged...

Yep. Sandy from Momisodes had tagged me a while ago, and I really have just been sooo freakin' busy that I didn't get to do the meme yet. Sorry. So here is one of them. (for now)

A is for Apple...
B is for Ball...
C is for Cat and...
D is for Doll. : )

Okay now the ABC's of me. Sorry this isn't more fun/original... I haven't had much time to myself lately to think or do things like this... also the reason for the blog being really boring/lame lately... I will try to get back on track and really step it up some more!!! Promise!!

A ~ Appreicate my family and friends... I don't know what I would do without any of you!! And those of you are really my friends, you know that really you are "family". I love you all!!

B ~ Brooke's Mommy! Bitchy... really who isn't?? Best friend.

C~ Creative, when the mood strikes me... and also I have to put Caring. I really am. No. Really. Sometimes, or okay, most times I don't act all that caring, but I am and that is just a terrible front that I should drop. I do, of course, without a doubt, care for my kids to the end of the earth and back... and my family/friends as well.

D ~ Daughter. One and only too! : ) And, Dreamer. I have lots of dreams and goals and aspirations that I want to reach and achieve one day. Also, I am a real vivid dreamer I wish I could remember them all and put them in a book... I could be the next best seller.

E ~ Early riser, for the most part... and Excited about Christmas coming... I'm like a little kid about it... I never can wait for it to get here. I love decorating for it... and the night before I cannot sleep ever!! I swear it takes me forever to fall asleep then I'm the first one up at like 5 AM wondering when the hell the kids are going to get up and when Bryan will let me get them up!! LOL

F ~ Friendly. Again for the most part. Fearless when it comes to defending my family and friends. Nothing will stand in my way to protect my children/family and get them what they want, need and/or deserve!! NOTHING.

G ~ Girly... not!! No. Really I'm not. I guess a word that would work here is Generous. At least I think I am. I wish I could do more and be more generous and giving, but I give what I can... even if it is only friendship, love and a shoulder to lean on.

H ~ Hilarious! Really, when I'm in the right setting and the right mood, I think I can be pretty damn funny. : ) On a more serious note, I think that I am humble. I am grateful for all I have and all that I have been blessed with... especially my three beautiful children.

I ~ Imaginative. Inventive. not at all times, but there are a few times when I can classify myself in these categories!! ;o)

J ~ Juggler of the family. I juggle the kids, the house, the activities, friends, family, time, meals, laundry, dishes, baths, playtime, outings... etc. I'm like an event planner/coordinator! ha!

K ~ Keeper of the kids. Kid watcher. All the same. :oD Also, I can add here Kit Kat eater!!

L ~ Lauren's Mommy! Loving. Laughter.

M ~ Mommy. ~ the best on my list!! The one that means the most to me and probably describes me best of all. Mother, Maternal. Memory keeper.

N ~ Na! To all my lil' nephews & nieces, especially to Matthew! and, Nurturing.

O ~ Open book. Honest and upfront.. what you see is pretty much what you get.

P ~ Pamper changer. ;o) Photographer! Party girl... from back in the day... and once in a blue moon now... and I really mean once in a blue moon. ;o)

Q ~ Quick temper. I guess I'm pretty hot headed... I get mad fast... but with good reason not just over everything... but I also get over it quickly too.

R ~ Real. Like Jenn C's blog... I'm trying to keep the courageous smile. I'm trying to always be real and stay in the moment. I will not compromise myself for anyone! NOT FOR ANYONE! I am who I am, and people will either love me, or hate me, but either way, I'm going to be me.

S ~ Sarcastic. Not all the time. Really. ;o)

T ~ Trevor's Mommy! Truly In-Love with my children, my husband, my family and my life!

U ~ Underware washer. ;o) Had to throw something funny in here. Also... unrealistic with money.

V ~ Vacation Lover!! Who the hell isn't. I wish I was on vacation now!!

W ~ Waiter/Waitress for my kids. LOL What else starts with "w"??

X ~ X-ray taker... from when I was a dental assistant. Come on! Cut me some slack. I couldn't think of anything else.

Y ~ Young at heart, always! Youthful. Yawner! I also yawn, like just now typing that made me yawn.. I also always follow the crowd with this.. once one person starts I just cannot stop. ;o)

Z ~ Zealous!

The end! : )

Hope you enjoyed my ABC's... now won't you come play with me... because TAG your it!! Yep. You have now all been tagged... anyone that reads this entry and wants to do this... you are more then welcome!! : )

Toodles I'm off to bed... I'll be back tomorrow... another day another dollar! : )


Sandy said...

Loved it! thanks so much for playing...great job and really creative. I always love to see what people put for "X" ;)


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