Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fa La La La La!

Dashing through the stores....
Seeing lots of toys...
Oh what fun it will be to shop with girls & boy!
Although extremely corny... I know you all love my great talent!! LOL
We are going to go to the BIG city today... Middletown... LOL and look at some ideas for Christmas for the kids... and see what we can buy for them without getting caught. Also, Trevor needs some ideas to put on his list for Santa!!
Wish us luck... and I'll be back later to tell the tale of how we make out.


Sandy (Momisodes) said...

too cute! love the lyrics :)

I hope you had some great finds in Middletown!

Can't wait to see what Trevor wants from Santa ;)

Thanks so much for your kind comments over at Momisodes!!!! Loved it :)

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