Saturday, November 17, 2007


Damn it is sooo COLD out!!! Today was the first day of hunting season and I feel bad for all the poor suckers, including my husband, standing out in the freezing cold waiting for a deer to roam on by. I also feel slightly bad for the deer, but let me tell you I was able to make a ton of spaghetti and meatball dinners for my family with the venison that we had from last year. I know, kind of gross, but really you couldn't tell the difference at all.

So onto other information... I have been tagged a few times by Sandy from Momisodes. :o) I am happy about this... it will give me something to do and something to blog about. BUT, I will have to do it later. Things are calm for now in my house, but they haven't been that way all day. Poor Lauren. On top of all the other things going on with her, she has a cough, a fever and has been throwing up. :o( Not fair. Thankfully Brooke & Trevor haven't gotten the throw up bug, but they are both sick with colds. Trevor had the fevers but Brooke didn't. I just want them all to get better and stay healthy. Seems almost impossible. But, I am thankful that they only have colds and that the fever is just part of the common cold thing... and I'm also thankful that although she is throwing up... which sucks majorly that she is still happy and playing and just acting fine in between hurling. Kids are amazing.

So I guess I will think about my first "tag" that I'm going to to do... the ABC's of ME!!! Hmmm... should be interesting... well at least trying to come up with them will be interesting... I'm not sure how interesting my list will actually be.

I gotta run, I'm being paged by Brooke... I'm not sure what is wrong or going on... but she is here saying... "Come on Mommy, Come on Mommy" "Mommy!!! Come On!!" I'll try to get back here later to do my "tag" and also to maybe update about my weekend so far... although I guess it isn't so far... it is 1/2 over. :o( That stinks!!



suchsimplepleasures said...

oh no! i hope your daughter feels better and no one else gets sick. we've had so much sickness in my house...i'm going insane!
well, take care and stay well!

Sandy (Momisodes) said...

It's so cold here too! Ugh, and it's not even winter yet.

I've posted yet another meme today too...feel free to play along with that one too :)

have a great weekend and stay warm!

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