Friday, November 16, 2007

Yeah, Yeah... Today is Friday!!

This will be short. I have to go make lunch for the wild bunch!!! I'm not sure what it is today... but my kids are off the wall BUSY and NUTS and into EVERYTHING!!! I guess maybe it is because we have been in the house for about a week now straight. Well minus going to all our doctor appointments... and grocery shopping last night. WOW. Still not the same as going outside to play... and scream and run free and wild without being told to be quiet and use an indoor voice and to slow down. I totally understand where they are coming from... I myself miss going outside, and even more miss them going out and burning off some energy.
The other problem today is that they are wild and crazy... which is okay I guess... but then they are all taking turns crying and being whiny. So I constantly have some children being NUTS and one or more children crying. I really am thinking I'm loosing my mind or will shortly. I guess it is because they all have colds and Lauren is still not feeling well from her skin thing going on... and I'm sure she isn't feeling well from her two biopsies yesterday. :( I'm trying my hardest to be sympathetic to all of them, but it is really trying my patients. Thank God it is almost nap time.
On the Momisodes Blog that I read ~ Sandy has Thursdays as her "Thankful Day" ~ she makes her posts about something she is thankful for. I was thinking about trying that too... although today isn't Thursday I'm thankful for at least two things I can think of... 1. I'm thankful it isn't Thursday so I can bitch away and not feel too badly about it... and 2. I'm soooo thankful/grateful that NAP TIME is right around the corner!! ~ Not that I'll be doing something fun and/or relaxing... nope I'll be cleaning my house and possibly making some brownies. But I will be doing it by myself with no little toads underfoot or crying at me. LOL I do love my kids!!! ; ) And, honestly I'm am the most thankful for them, and the wonderful, crazy, magic, sometimes hectic, beautiful life that I have!!!


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love today's post!

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