Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lauren & Brooke

Today is going good, so far. :) The girls are entertaining me a lot. For some reason it seems like over night they have grown up some. I'm not sure how to explain it. They are talking a lot this morning... although they always talk, but today they seem to be expressing themselves a lot more/better.

This morning after walking to the bus with Trevor, who didn't want to go to school today... he went yesterday after all and really really needed a day off today, I unloaded the truck from all the goodies we got on Sunday when we started our Christmas shopping. When I came in from my last load, I heard the girls over the monitor and they were playing so nice with each other.

I went in to get them, I knocked on the door... and I hear little giggles coming from them, and when I opened the door I see two little tushies sticking out from under the bed. LOL I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. Priceless. They couldn't get all the way under I guess, but it was so cute!

Then I was taking their clothes off to change their pampers... and we were talking about putting on pull-ups and where would they go if they had to make a pee pee. And they were telling me about the potty and we were just chatting, and it was like we were almost having a real conversation. They are talking up a storm lately and putting so many words together and being able to verbalize what they want/need and I am noticing a slight (SLIGHT) decrease in temper tantrums and crying... they seem to be doing better with that too! JK. Today we were getting pull-ups to put on and they both wanted the same one. I didn't even think they would notice and or pay attention the to the design, it is Disney Princesses... not even something they know about. But, I was wrong. I had two pull-ups out, Lauren grabbed one and said that was hers, she actually said "I want this one." Then Brooke said, "No! Mine" So I showed Brooke the other one I had and told her it was hers, she said "No. I want that." So I tried to change with Lauren. No such luck. She wouldn't budge. I took another one out of the package, but it wasn't the desired one... it was the same as the one that they didn't want. I tried it anyway. They both told me no. Then I got one the same as the one Lauren had and Brooke still wouldn't put it on, she wanted the one that Lauren had in her hands. LOL I must be over PMSing because I found all this entertaining and I was intrigued at how smart they are getting. Finally I had Brooke ask Lauren if she could please have it, and Lauren did give it to her, and got the new one on. : )

Then I reminded them that they have on big girl underpants and they have to tell Mommy when they have to go make a pee pee, I think we will just work on this for now, and then get to the other business in the bathroom. : ) I was making them some breakfast when Brooke comes running to me, literally two minutes after putting the pull-up on her, and tells me "I make pee-pee!" She was smiling and so proud of herself. Sure enough, I felt her pull-up and she was warm with new pee-pee. : ) I guess that is a start... I put a new pull-up on her and told her she has to tell Mommy and we can go on the potty not in her pants.

So far no one has told me anything, but they are both still dry, so we'll see. I think we are in need of some potty chairs. We have been using the big potty with a special little seat on it... but maybe if they had a little potty they could each sit on whenever they wanted they would catch on faster.

Well I'm off to do a few things, then maybe to brave the world and take the girls to the grocery store for a few things.

LOL ~ The girls are watching Dora, and I hear them saying things in Spanish. It is so funny! They are doing really good too!! :o)


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