Friday, November 30, 2007

Picture Meme!

Picture Meme! How fun!

Here is what you do: Type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and then pick an image from the first page of results.

1. Age of your next birthday. 29! (not thirty yet!!!)

This is actually a picture of Hurricane Katrina... which is funny/weird, because I was pregnant with my girls when this happened, and I actually thought for a fleeting moment of naming one of them Katrina... naturally the other girl would have been Hurricane. Just kidding. LOL But for some reason I did like the name Katrina.

2.Places I would like to travel: London, Italy, Puerto Rico, Redwood Forest, California


Puerto Rico

Redwood Forest


3. Favorite Place: NYC ~ we go every year... well every year since Bryan proposed to me at Rockefeller Plaza!

4. Favorite Object: hmmm... I guess MONEY since you can buy any other object you want with it. ;) For example... Hot cars, Bling bling, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana and many other lovely things in life!!

5. Favorite Food: Italian food! & any kind of pasta AND of course CHOCOLATE!!!

6. Favorite Animal: I guess I would say Monkey... they are cute and mischievous like my kids! lol

7. Favorite color: Chrome! (JK... I really don't have a favorite color)

Could you imagine driving around in a chromed out beamer?? WTF?? The glare would be freakin' horrible!! This is amazing to me... that someone would take a nice car and make it soooo tacky!!

8. Your Nickname: Jenn

this is the only picture that I would even consider posting that was under Jenn. This is a kitchen from Jenn-Air... and actually for the right house I really like it.

9. Town I was born in: Port Jervis

10. Bad Habit I have: cutting hair, mine & others!

For all of you that are reading this... consider yourselves TAGGED!! This was a little bit of work, but a LOT of fun!! : )



Sandy C. said...

Awesome photos!

Rockafeller center?? How romantic! I love NYC. It's my favorite place on earth (so far).

I love the California pics too. We just moved from there a year ago...lovely to visit. Not my cup of tea to live.

Happy weekend!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I wish I could take credit for some or all of the photos... like I had actually been there! ;)One day, maybe.

Rockefeller, Yes! It was amazingly romantic... especially for my shy guy!! I had no clue either. It was Dec. 6th... maybe on that date I'll post the story of it. We made the paper, and the NBC news with it. :) So sweet.

I'd love to go to California to visit, not sure to live... since I'm a NYer I think it would quite an adjustment.
But since it is soooo COLD here, I'm thinking any where warm is better!!!

Thanks for the comment!!

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