Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter in the woods...

Winter in the woods means you get any little and not so little critter in your home. YUCK. We are always invaded with mice in our house as soon as it gets cold out. And, we are blessed to have some groundhogs and some skunks live under our house in our dirt basement. ;) Yeah! Great. Not really. We have had a few skunks spray in our dirt basement ~ which part of it is dirt and closed off and part of it is cement and that is where we do our laundry and store a bunch of crap. But anyway, these pests are NOT welcome, yet they always come. I guess it is the joys of living in the country.
Yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen, and I found some mouse traps, sorry for any animal activist reading this, I have to kill them, or they just come back. But anyway, I found the mouse traps, and set them with peanut butter... also with big rubber gloves... I would NOT touch them with my hands... they were used. Bry helped me because I couldn't set it right. We set three of them around the stove, and guess what... all three have mice in them. I'm happy to have caught some, and get rid of them, but grossed out that there was three already to catch. I'm sure there is more. So I'm going to have Bryan get rid of these later, unless I can gather the nerve to do it myself... and then we can set them again tonight. I want to get rid of them!!!!

Also it seems like we might have a few fleas here and there. I'm just starting to find some here and there on myself and the kids. I don't think this is the problem with Lauren, since I have never seen them before, but maybe it is. I did some flea treatment to the carpet in Brooke & Lauren's bedroom and steam cleaned it and the dinning room too. I have to work on the living room and Trevor's bedroom today. I hope this does two things, 1. makes Lauren better and 2. gets rid of the fleas.

I have to go... Lauren is into everything!! I'll be back later.


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