Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Lil' Man

My lil' man Trevor isn't feeling too hot... well not figuratively but literally he is burning up. :( I feel so bad. He has been having this cough that sounds horrible, but it was extremely random. I guess it started some time around Wednesday night or Thursday. He has been getting slightly worse each day. Well not worse, but more coughing and also more crying/sensitivity ~ which he always gets when he isn't feeling well. Who doesn't? Last night when Bryan and I went to dinner and bowling I dropped the kids off at my parents house for them to have dinner with them, and hang out for a while then come home and get ready for bed. Well my mom called me not too long after we had left that Trevor was crying about things that he normally wouldn't cry about and he was saying that he just wanted to go home. :( She felt so bad that he was saying/feeling that. She also said he felt a little warm and had a horrible cough that was pretty regular. I asked her to give him some Motrin, which she did, and see if that helped. I guess it did some, but he wasn't a happy camper still. My dad ended up taking them all home earlier than expected because Trevor wanted to be home. I guess when I'm not feeling well I want to be home too. I can't blame him. I just feel bad that he isn't feeling well.

Then when Bryan and I got home, it was about 1:20 AM or so. Trevor had just been up about 10-15 minutes earlier to tell my Dad that some how his fan got turned off and could he turn it back on for him. ;) My dad had checked the girls and covered them up and then went to check on Trevor, and turned his fan off just because. About 5 minutes after he was in there Trevor came out and told him about the fan being off. He is so used to sleeping with it on and I guess hearing the noise that he notices right away if you turn it off. That is how I wake him up for school and from a nap. I turn it off and usually within a few minutes he is up. When my dad told me what happened I thought I would go check on him. When I bent down to kiss him, he did a big smile. I talked to him a little bit and he wanted to go see his Dad. So I took him out in the living room, my Dad was still there too, then I was snuggling with him on the couch for a minute or two. I was hugging him and kissing him and I kissed him on the forehead and realized he was burning up. :( I felt so bad. I had Bryan bring him so Motrin. He drank it right up, a little while later we put him back in his bed.

He has been fine all day today, maybe a little warm here and there, but not like last night. So that is a good thing. I hope he isn't getting more sick than he already is. : ( I want him to be getting better. I'll just keep watching him and checking his temp.

~After nap time today Trevor had a 102.8 temp. I gave him some Motrin, it seemed to take a while to work, but eventually it kicked in and he had more energy and was cooler. Then right before bedtime I gave him some Tylenol just to make sure he could get through the night feeling good.

~Trevor was up at 12:30. He came in my room and asked me to help him find his sticky hand, it was lost in his bed. I went. We found it. He was nice and cool still. : )


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