Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm lame today on my title... although I don't always come up with something catchy. Oh well. I'm here, at the computer, while my three little angels are watching television so nicely together. : ) Not sure how long this will last, so I gotta type fast.

They are watching Back to the Barnyard on Disney channel... or maybe it isn't Disney... maybe it is Nick Jr. either way they are watching it and together. I'm happy for the quiet and for them to be getting along and for them to not be getting into trouble.

Last night we went to dinner with Des, Ryan, Gio, Jill, Kevin, Richie and Alyssa. It was very nice. We didn't have to wait too long to get seated... because Jill called ahead and got us some reservations, although they don't really take reservations, they did take one because we were a party of 9, and because Bryan and Kevin's cousins work there. So that was pretty cool. ~ We ate at Outback ~ I didn't mention it now, but I did mention in the last post I did... at least I think I did.

So first we went to the mall... and we walked around some and I got Lauren and Brooke some new boots for winter and some new shoes, well because they don't have shoes, they only have sneakers and also because they needed something new for on their feet. Their sneakers still fit them for now, but they will need new sneakers in the near future too. ~ Today when they got up I told them I had something new for them... they were so excited to get new boots and shoes. We tried the boots on first. I got them a little bit bigger because then I can put extra socks on them, and also they won't outgrow them this year. ; ) They loved them! They are a darker pink and zip up the front and have a little faux fur trim. Totally cute!! They had little faux suede boots I was going to get them, but they weren't for snow... their feet would have gotten cold and wet... or the other way around... wet then cold. They were really cute. But these are okay too. Then when we tried on the little shoes I got them they didn't want to take them off. They still have them on. Typical girls... loving shoes. LOL

I feel bad, I didn't get anything for Trevor last night. I hate that. Although he doesn't need any new footwear... I just feel like I should have gotten him something. But earlier yesterday I went to town with my mom and I got him new gloves and a hat... so that makes it fair, I guess. Besides this morning when he saw the girls stuff, which he said... "Awwe this is so cute Mommy" he didn't ask about anything for himself and wasn't upset at all that they got something. So I guess it is okay.

Speaking of getting things for Trevor's birthday we got him the Aquadots, he wanted them every time they were on the tv. We only used it one time because it doesn't really work that well, and I wanted to return it for that reason. But, we kept it because Trev didn't want me to take it back and because Bry got it to work a little bit better. But, I took it back yesterday anyway, because it is recalled. They say there is something like the date rape pill in it and some children who have ingested it went into comas. How horrible is that?! I can't believe all the stuff going on with children's toys lately. I'm so glad that Brooke, Lauren or Trevor didn't eat any. They look like something you would put in your mouth, and had no smell at all. So, now Trevor has a store credit that he can use to pick out any toy he wants!! : ) (well for the amount of the gift card)

And he still has a mall gift card that he got for his birthday from his grandparents... so next time we go to the mall he can pick something out then too, unless we decide to use it to buy some snow pants. I would like him to have two pair of snow pants that way he will always have a dry pair for school or play. I'll have to look into that. : ) Maybe I should double up on everything, although he does have two jackets already.

Well now I'm rambling on and on, about nothing really important and/or interesting so I'm going to go. If I come up with some interesting info I'll be back.


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