Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm back....

Yeah, so I haven't posted any pictures yet... although I keep on promising. Sorry. I will really try my hardest to get to that soon. We have just been really busy lately. Seems like there is always some where to go and something to do... which is nice in a way, get to keep in touch with everyone and see them, and we aren't bored. BUT, we are kind of tired out and always on the go. Plus, it seems that Trevor and Brooke have some small colds. : ( I hate when my kids are sick... I just feel so bad for them, although thankfully, they are rarely sick. : ) But, with a cold, there isn't much you can do for them, just let it run it's course and go away. I hate it.

So speaking of running around, last night we were at the Olsen's for Stelle's 69th Birthday party. It was nice. Crowded a little bit, because it is such a big family and some friends too, but it was nice to see everyone and get to visit some. : ) Then we came home and the girls went right to bed... so needless to say we didn't do Lauren & Brooke's scabies treatment last night... and then I was going to do it tonight... but Bryan and I are going to dinner and then bowling with some friends/family members.... so I won't get to do it tonight either... and I have to wash their bedding before I do it and then immediately after I do it... then wash them and all this stuff... so since I have no plans for Sunday so far, and Monday there isn't any school so I won't have to get Trevor up and ready for school... I'm going to do the treatment on them Sunday night. I will be doing a lot of laundry Sunday night and Monday morning but maybe this will actually help. I hope so, although I'm extremely doubtful.

Speaking of Bryan and I going to dinner and then bowling... I am really anxious to go. 1. I love to eat out. 2. We don't really do much without our children... although I love them to pieces it is nice to sometimes have grown up time. 3. I love to eat out. 4. We will be w/ great friends and family. : ) 5. My parents are babysitting so I have no worries about my kids. : )
We are going to Outback for dinner and we are going to be going at a prime dinner time, but luckily Bryan & Kevin's cousin Dana works there, so we will get a seat pretty quickly!! Thumbs up for Jill calling Dana, and two thumbs up for Dana seating us quickly!! Yippee!! I cannot wait to eat... and I'm thinking I will have a nice drink with dinner too... or maybe two or three... just a thought!! ; )

COS (change of subject) At 7:30 or so this morning Trevor came in our room and announced that it was still snowing. He was pretty excited. : ) Then he brought me a pair of his boots and a glove... he said he didn't know where his other glove was though. So I told him that we would look for it later. He got upset. I couldn't understand what would make him cry... I told him we would find it or we could get a new pair... which I plans of doing anyway. Then he told me because he wanted to go outside to play right then and there. Yes, at 7:30 AM Trevor was ready to go out and play in the snow. I love that little guy. : )

We convinced him that we would let him go out later, like at least after he had some breakfast. He was okay with that... not too happy but he dealt with it okay. ~ Then I went off to town with my mom just do a little shopping and get some pampers and some other things, and of course I was looking for some gloves, which I did find and buy for Trevor. So now that I have been home and did a few things in the house and put the girl for a nap... who also want to go play in the snow, but have no winter boots ~ Trevor is outside playing happily in the very WET snow. And, having a blast!!! : ) He is an outdoor kid all the way! I love that he wants to be outside playing all the time instead of sitting in the house. : ) I think Brooke & Lauren will both be like him with that also.

Well I have some house work to do, as always and I have to do some laundry up today so that I won't have a ton when I do the girls bedding and all that on Sunday and Monday morning... so I better get a move on. Plus, it is almost time for Trevor to come in and get changed to dry warm clothes and go for a rest.

I would say that I would try to post some pictures while everyone is resting... but I can't swear to it... I'm not even going to mention it again... and when I do post the pictures you will all be surprised!! : )


Sheri said...

Hi Jenn. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. It's nice to find out who actually reads my blog.

I do have one favour to ask, I noticed that you have a link to my blog on your blog. I would appreciate if you could remove the link, I know that anyone can view my blog, but I much prefer to keep it as privite as I can :)

Jennifer said...


No problem, about the comment, and also about taking you off the link on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog and I love the great pictures you take. I should have asked before I linked you to my blog. Sorry.


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