Friday, November 9, 2007

This will be quick...

This will be a quick post... we have got a very busy morning this morning... a lot of running around and things to do, and I would like to do them before it is nap time... so we are off to a semi-early start. : )
Anyway... we went to 2 doctors appointments yesterday... dermatologist and then the allergist. Back to back appointments, and with little results. : (
The (non-listening) dermatologist says that we have to treat her again for scabies... OK whatever!! But, we told him that no one else in the entire house has anything on them... NOT ONE SINGLE BITE!!! Not even Brooke, who shares a room, blankets, a bath, clothes, sometimes a bed, binky, sippy cup... you name it they share it... has a mark on her. So he says that Brooke could be the carrier... to keep her out of the room the night we do the treatment. Sooooooo IF Brooke is a carrier for the scabies... and this has been going on for about 3 months... then why oh why doesn't she have any marks... why isn't it affecting, infecting anyone else?? And, most importantly at this time... why the hell wouldn't we treat her?? DUH!! If she is the carrier, what is having her out of the room while we do the treatment going to do?? Absolutely nothing. Yep. So after talking to the wall, finally the doctor 1/2 way, some what, listened to me, and said "Treat the other one too." ~ the other one... what a freakin ass!! Just because they are twins, I guess Brooke is the other one to him. Jerk. But anyway... we are going to treat them tonight... that way in the morning Bryan can give them baths while I strip the bedding and start to wash it all ~ again, I just changed all their bedding and blankets on Wednesday. But that is okay, I am willing to try this ONE more time, and hope & pray that it will work. But when it doesn't man oh man is some one in for it. Bryan is beyond pissed off. Which I can't blame him at all. I am really not too happy either, but I bite my tongue a little bit, only because I want to figure it out now, and be pissed later at the doctor. But anyway... he has had enough of them not listening to us and also just guessing at what the hell the problem is.
At the allergist appointment it went better, but we didn't get any answers either. We LOVE Dr. Du... he is just amazing!! He is so friendly and talks to us and actually listens to us... it is wonderful. He has been a HUGE help through out all of this... I'm so glad that we went to see him. Unfortunately he doesn't know what to do for Lauren any more. We tried the antibiotics, and the steroid... it did make a small difference but not a huge improvement like we were hoping for. He did tell us to try the scabies treatment, although he really knows that isn't what is going on with her, and if in 2-3 wks she is still having this going on to come back and we can try another round of steroids. So I guess we shall see.
I'm disgusted with this whole situation and I just want her to get better.
I have to run now... not literally... those of you that know me would think that is pretty funny... those of you who don't really know me can laugh too... just b/c. : ) I'll be back later... maybe. I hope. I really want to post a bunch of pictures on here that are starting to get really old... we'll see how nap time goes.


wfg said...

I can't think of two things that are more frustrating than having a doctor ignore me and then treat based on a GUESS and not knowing exactly what is causing a health problem for one of my children. I hope you find an answer soon.

And thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i hope things get figured out. that's awful. you must feel so helpless!
take care.

Sandy said...

Good grief. I've worked with doctors my whole career and I will never understand why they don't ever explain things properly, and rationale for why they do things.

I hope things get better for you all soon sweetie. Hang in there.

Jennifer said...

wfg~ I'm right there w/ you on the frustration of not having the doctor listen to us & not knowing what is going on w/ my daughter. ~ hopefully we will get an answer or at least a solution soon. Thank you for thinking of us, and for the comment. ~

suchsimplepleasures~ I do feel helpless, & also like some what of a failure too. I feel like by not having an answer, by maybe not pushing as hard as I could, I have failed my daughter as her mother. I think this is just guilty mother feelings ~ like all the second guessing we do. I hope we get some results soon. But, I will NEVER give up till she is all better. Thank you for your support.

Sandy~ Thank you for your words of support. I think that dr's are so used to things that they deal with all the time, they forget that the patient doesn't deal w/ it all the time, or maybe even never dealt w/ it and forget how to talk to us. I wish he would explain himself, but more than that, I wish he would LISTEN to us. Thank you for your comment... I'll be updating everyone on the blog... soon I hope to have great news about it.

Hugs to you all,

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~