Thursday, November 8, 2007

And, The Results Are....

And, the results are for Lauren's biopsy, that they are "bug bites of some sort". I don't even know what to do with this information.
I can't believe that they are bug bites for a lot of reasons.... but I also can't believe they are bug bites and we have put her through all this crap. A biopsy and steroids and antibiotics and all this.
I think that everyone around us is in the same shock/disbelieve/awe of the results. Not that any one of us wanted something to be wrong with her... we didn't at all. Nothing. Not even something not serious, and definitely not something serious. BUT, at the same time, we were hoping for some sort of an answer, something that we could treat. I guess bug bites are treatable. But, what kind of bug bites are they?
We have an appointment today, now, with the dermatologist at 2:45PM and then another appointment after that with the allergist at 3:45PM so I guess some where along the line we may get some answer for what to do about this and what they actually think it is. I know that the dermatologist office mentioned scabies... again. We have already done the treatment for that... even when we knew/thought that there was no way in hell it was scabies. We did it just to prove to them that we tried it and it didn't work we need to go in a different direction. Well it seems like out different direction has lead us back to the same crap.
I know some of you reading this are saying... well if they said scabies and then you treated it and had a biopsy and they are saying scabies again, then maybe it is... maybe you didn't treat it right the first time. BUT, no one else in the entire family has anything on them... not even ONE mark... and scabies is highly contagious.
I just want to make her better. That is all. Bottom line... no matter what it is.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

We went through something similar when our daughter was about 14 months old. But in our case the pediatrician immediately declared it chicken pox. end. of. discussion. There was no way it could have been given the highly contagious thing (no one in daycare got chicken pox), the fact that the spots were only on her back, the weirdness that was them appearing then disappearing then appearing again, etc. I finally gave up arguing since we were headed to Florida the next day for vacation. Magically, the spots completely disappeared for good just by having her not sleep in her crib for a week.

I respect that doctors know more than me, but why don't they listen to basic reasoning?

Sandy (Momisodes) said...

This has got to be wearing on your every last thread of sanity. I hope you all find some answers soon.

Hang in there, and don't forget to trust your instincts. You know your child better than anyone.

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