Friday, December 7, 2007

Ladies & Gentlemen...

Ladies & Gentlemen... this is mambo # 200!! Okay... it isn't a mambo, but if I had said "post" it wouldn't have nearly been as cool/creative!! lol But, it is my 200th post... thanks most of all to NaBloPoMo! I posted 44 times in the month of November!! I know it was a painful journey so lets not recap on it! And, this December I am doing the Holidailies, but it really doesn't seem as painful, at least not for me.

When I first sat down here to do an entry, I was going to title it as ~May Be OCD Baby! ~ I just got done putting Trevor for a nap and then I cleaned my bathroom quick. It was only the first time today that I cleaned it but at least the 5th time this week... counting Monday as the beginning of the week. Bryan thinks that I am extremely excessive with how often I clean the bathroom, and might even consider it OCD. He says that no one cleans their bathroom as much as I do... and that there is NO reason to clean your toilet bowl every single day. ~ Which I do. I can't help it. I am thinking he might be right with the OCD thing... I do clean my bathroom Every. Single. Day! I usually clean it while I have the girls in the bath... I cannot leave them alone there, and wouldn't want to, but I also don't want to just sit there. I mean I do wash them up and wash their hair and play with them for a little bit. Then I clean the bathroom. It is like multi-tasking!! So that is part of my defense, and the other part is that it is the ONLY room in my house that I can totally, thoroughly and completely clean in about 15 minutes and have it look awesome!!

So, I'll let you decide.... Cleaning disorder?? Or just keeping up with it???


radioactive girl said...

I have a problem with cleaning. I cleaned just like you, but with every single room in our house. It got so bad that we actually had to hire cleaning ladies to come every two weeks so that I would relax about making everything perfect every day. Somehow, knowing that the entire house would be perfectly cleaned at least every two weeks was enough to make me let go of cleaning so much. But I do see your logic on keeping up with it, but maybe clean it every few days instead?

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