Friday, December 7, 2007


First off let me explain the title of this post... It. Is. Snowing. Here. AGAIN!!!! And, it is only 25 degrees out!! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!! I say YUCK!!!
** We can now continue with your regularly scheduled post of random blah blah blogging... **
We'll I have had quite a busy morning... and it felt good to get a bunch of stuff done so quickly in the day... but now I still have more to do and little ambition to do it with. :(
We just got back from picking Trevor up from school... he has finally made it to school 5 days in a row!!! Woot!! I have to admit though that we had two days with two hour delays and then today was a half day... so that was a little bit of help, but still we did it. Some days were better than others and some were really bad, but we survived and we are going to try it again next week too!! Go us!!!
Brooke and Lauren need to go to school soon too!! Man, I'm telling you they really are showing their true age!!! They are constantly pushing the limits and my patients!!! They are happiest when they are doing something they aren't supposed to be doing, such as standing on the dining room table, touching the computer, standing on their toy bins, opening and removing things from the fridge, playing with the microwave, tv, cable box, light switches and any other things that two year olds should NOT be touching... then if you even walk into a room where they are doing these rotten things they start to cry and they don't seem to stop until they are again doing something rotten again!! They are just really testing me and they are soooo close to going on Santa's naughty list it isn't even funny!!! I am literally counting down the days until they turn three and we can stop the madness of "terrible twos" x2!!!! We have quite a ways to go, but we are making some progress, slow but steady... only 304 days to go!! :) Just kidding... I really haven't been counting and it is going fast, but some days, not even days I guess, but some minutes and hours are really hard with two two year olds... that are determined and inquisitive and into EVERYTHING. But I am thankful for all three of my beautiful little hands-full!!! : )

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