Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Story Book Fairytale...

Two years ago today, Bryan, myself and some other family members took a limo ride down to NYC to do some Holiday site seeing. Trevor was a little over 2 years old and the girls were exactly 6 weeks old, my parents graciously watched them from the wee hours of the morning till late in the evening that day for us.
We got up early and headed to meet up with everyone for the limo to pick us up... I was so excited to go. I love NYC and hadn't been there in a few years and only one time when I was a lot younger at Christmas time, with my friend Brenda.
We had a nice ride down and when we got there they limos dropped us off right at Rockefeller Plaza, it was beautiful, the tree was even better in person.

This is the actual Rockefeller tree from 2005!

When we first got to the city, everyone was hungry, so we went to eat at a little place right near the ice rink. We were all talking about what we wanted to do that day and what our plan was. I wanted to skate at the Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink, but I also didn't want to take up the entire day waiting for a certain time to be able to do it. ~ Everyone else was like, we have to go skating, we just HAVE TO! Little did I know then, the Bryan was going to propose to me while we were skating.

We hung out and walked around a few blocks window shopping and just taking in all the great views of the city at Christmas until it was our turn to go skate. We laced up our skates and set off to the ice. ~ Now, I'm no professional skater by any means, by this I mean, that I can barely stand up on the damn things without falling on my butt. But, I love skating, and wanted to do it. Bryan is a much better skater than me, so he was off skating around with his brother and some other people while I was clinging to Jill (Bryan's brothers girlfriend, I refer to her as my SIL only b/c they have children together and they will most likely always be together and well just because) So we were skating along and then we decided that we should each skate a little bit with Bryan & Kevin, so when Bryan came around again, I went with him. We were skating around doing good, everyone was fooling around and happy. We got to our second lap and we were near the restaurant, and his brother came flying at us and slid into Bryan. I thought he was falling, so I tried to keep him up, scared that if he went down so would I... not even realizing what was happening....

It was all a set up, and everyone knew about it... but me! Now, I love surprises, but I have any inkling that there is going to be a surprise, it will make me nuts. Thankfully, for this, I had no idea what was planned. I didn't do any guessing, assuming or snooping... I was just there having a GREAT time. When I realized that Bryan was down on one knee and asking me to take my glove off... everyone had already stopped skating. By everyone I mean EVERYONE at the entire rink. He pulled out this gorgeous round solitaire diamond ring and asked me if I wanted to wear it for a while... I said yes, in total shock. Once he got up and we kissed and hugged, everyone around the entire rink was clapping and cheering and even taking our picture. We were mini-celebrities. It was one of the best days of my life.... as soon as we got off the ice, I had to call my parents and tell them, although they already knew all about the plan and were waiting for my call. :) It was picture perfect the proposal and it was a true story book fairytale of a proposal.


Sandy C. said...

*sniff*.....That was such a beautiful story! Oh how I wish my husband would have done something like that. You have a fairytale story there, and beautiful photos to go with it :)

Jennifer said...


It was even more beautiful and romantic, but I had 3 cranky kids that didn't nap yesterday while I was trying to type that post... but my guy did well. I was surprised by the entire thing, and most of all his public display of affection! He is EXTREMELY shy!! But, it was perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything more!
And, although I would love to take credit for the photos, those are not mine ~ they are compliments of Google Image. (Sorry) I do have a million pictures from that magical day, but too lazy to dig through all the discs they could be on.
Thanks for the comment!!

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