Sunday, December 9, 2007


I was missing in action yesterday, because my computer decided to take a crap! : ( It does that from time to time. We really need to get a new one but cannot decide on what we really want to get. Any suggestions welcome!

Another thing that we, well I, really need to do is get all my pictures to a save location... and out of my computer! I can't even begin to tell you how many pictures I have saved on my computer and not any where else. I know first had that this is bad, I have LOST a lot of precious pictures that I cannot replace nor have copies of. :( Pictures like Trevor's first steps and his first trip to the ocean and all that sort of thing. Like 6 months worth of pictures, and I was devastated and heart broken to say the least. So, I have burned many of my pictures onto CD's but now I have run out of them, and still have over 100 files to write. YUCK!! It is just so time consuming and really I don't have the CD's to do it. I always forget when we are in the store. I have to make a point to get them next time we go though. I'm really nervous every time the computer just turns itself off and doesn't re-start for a LONG LONG LONG time. Thank God, Bryan was able to get it up and running today... I have been working on storing my pictures online.
Do any of you store you digital pictures online?? Where do you store them, and do you like how it works... can you order prints or CD's of your pictures... can you print them yourself from where they are??? I'm interested in any and all programs that you all use... I have a lot of pictures to store.

Well I'm back to trying to find some place to keep my pictures that I LOVE and also put them i the temporary online file that I found... wish me luck.

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Sandy C. said...

OOOH! I just went through this with my computer. I had a Sony, and it kept "passing out"...until one day, it completely died. Luckily, I had most of my data saved since I had a feeling it would croak. I have a ba-zillion pics, so I saved them externally on to DVD's (those hold A LOT!). I just consolidated them by year (2000-2001, Daughter's 1st year, etc). This way I felt better knowing everything was backed up. I ended up buying a MAC instead, seeing how I've killed 3 PC's recently. It only took an hour or so to transfer all my files, etc onto the new computer. So far...LOVE MY MAC!

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