Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm trying to get some pictures into an online account, which is something I desperately need to get organized with. I have sooo many pictures that I have to do that it is taking me FOREVER to do and I am loosing interest in it quickly!!

But, in doing so, I have also come across a lot of pictures from when the girls were smaller and when the house was more organized and life in general was more organized. I need to get back to that place. I need to organize my time, my life, my house, my kids and Bryan. Although, I have to admit that Bryan is pretty organized.... especially for a man! lol But, all in all he is really organized.

I have to think of a plan... how to organize what I need to organize. I am a list maker, and well I think I do it just to dawdle, I am a bit of a procrastinator, at times. But, I think I need to make a list of the things that I would like to organize and then break them down into categories and then go from there. I'm not sure where I should start... like what I should organize first. I'm a huge and I mean HUGE multi-tasker... meaning I start many things at one time and don't always (meaning RARELY) ever finish what I start. I know, I know this is something I have to organize and get under control all in itself. Hmmm... I guess I will just try to plan this all out and then keep you all updated on how it is going... but I think if I do get this mastered then I will have more time to spend to do the things that I love and like to do... such as spending time with my family and not feeling stressed out and like I should be up doing something and I would love to craft more often then I do, and catch up on scrapbooks for my children and all that... I would love to have some time for myself then too.

I always feel like there is something I should be doing... like right now... although I am working on saving pictures online so that I don't have them all lost when my computer takes a turn for the worse and can't be revived by Bryan aka the computer surgeon... but there are things to do around the house too, I guess the reason why I always feel like I should be doing something is because really I could be doing a million things.

With three kids there is always something to put away, pick up, clean up, fix, make, wash, change, etc. I would like to get myself on a schedule so that these things are done at certain times and then I won't be able to stress about getting it all done in one day or when I don't/can't get it all done because I'll know when I am "scheduled" to do it.

Make sense?? Maybe not, but I still have to work out all the kinks anyway... this is just my sounding board tonight... I just thought of all this... well not really I have thought about it a lot of times before, but really have just decided that I need to implement this into my life to make all of our lives better!!

Of course, I'll keep you all posted on how this is going for me...

Toodles ~


Susan Z said...

Sounds like you have a plan. I too am a list maker and I also have to set goal and prioritize. The part where I usually fall apart is in estimating how much I can get done. I think that if I just accept that I have an on-going list I do better. Good luck with the organizing!

Sandy C. said...

Good luck with the organizing. List making helps me usually helps give the illusion of what seems to be a huge ordeal to be somewhat manageable. Or at least broken down. Hope you find a solution for the photos!

Daddy Dan said...

Do you have a Flickr account? It's a good place to save all your photos. I also have an external hard drive where I save copies of my pictures and music, just in case something happens to my computer. Good luck!

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