Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday! (Weekend Recap!)

I know I'm too creative with the name for this post! You just can't beat it. :) I should be doing some other things instead of typing here at the computer, but I just cannot resist. It has been 4 long days since I have posted anything... and I'm jonesin' for it. I took on the Holidailies to post every day in December and I have failed miserably at it... but that is okay, surprisingly I'm not as crazy about it as I was for NaBloPoMo. Just the sight of that makes me cringe! JK

So lets see all that is new in our lives.

We have gotten a crap load of snow! Yuck!! I have had enough for one year... and by 'year' I mean season... you know we don't need any more snow until next November/December 2008. We also had lovely sleet and freezing rain Saturday night into Sunday... it was GREAT fun!!
Bryan was on-call for his job on Saturday so we pretty much sat home and didn't do much... he had to go out a few times, and it was snowing and cold and crummy then too! We wanted and needed to go finish up our Christmas shopping, but unfortunately when he is on-call for work it is like house arrest, unless of course, he gets a call from someone. Which is usually the case and he usually gets calls that are at least 30 mins to 1 hour from our house. Fun! So much fun he can hardly wait till he is on-call again! He used to be on-call for a week at a time... oh and that totally SUCKED!! He was grumpy, although I can't blame him, not at all, and we couldn't go any where or do anything!! Sucky!! Suck suck!! Thankfully they got things changed and he is now only on call on day at a time, although it is like every 4 days! Oh well. No way to beat it.
But, on Saturday my mom did ask me to come over and cut her hair for her... she has asked me before to just do a trim here or there, if there was something her, sweet but a little bit crazy, hair girl didn't get to. I was nervous about actually cutting her hair for real... but thankfully my mom is pretty easy going about her hair and how her hair cuts come out and she has really thick and curly hair that is a short style so there isn't too much you can mess up... at least this is what she was convincing me of. I cut quite a bit of hair off, about an inch or so. I looked okay, but once she washed and styled it, then it looked really good! I was kind of shocked and happy with how well it came out. Then I also trimmed up my dad's hair... who had just been for a hair cut, and the girl that cuts his hair was in another world or something because she didn't cut any of the back of his hair. I just neatened it up on the sides and the back and by his ears and neck some. He seemed happy with what I did too!
~SATURDAY night~
I had taken just Lauren with me over to my parents, because the girls never get any time, well very little time, just one on one... which I think every child needs. Of course, at my parents house there is always someone there, so she wasn't the only child, but she was the only out of her, Brooke & Trevor, so that was a treat for her. Last time I went I took Brooke. I think this coming year as one of my resolutions, that I hate to call resolutions, but anyway... one thing that I want to work on more is some one on one time with each of the kids. Trevor seems to get the most, some school time has him away from the girls some, and they go to nap and bed before he does so he gets that time too. But, I want to work on that more with the girls and with all of them.
~more SATURDAY night~
When I came home from my parents house Brooke was sleeping on the couch... that was because they didn't take naps for me, not any of them. Bryan also had to go on a call as soon as I walked in the door, so I got Lauren all ready for bed, and tucked her and Brooke all nice in cozy in their beds and then snuggled up on the couch with Trevor under some blankets and watched some holiday shows on TV. It was a good night. Trevor fell fast asleep not too long after we were laying there, and I put him to bed.
Sunday, was our day to shop. I wasn't sure we were going to get to go because of the weather, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be or as bad as we were supposed to get.... but it was still nasty out. Slushy and wet and frozen (some of it). YUCK! We got up and made some breakfast, got everyone bathed and dressed and off we went for an all day shopping adventure!
~more SUNDAY~
We started off at the mall and did a lot of shopping there, most of our shopping actually, then we ate some lunch and then off to a few other stores. The girls were okay... Brooke started off really cranky but got herself together once her dad took over pushing the stroller, amazing how they are better behaved for him than me. I guess that is all kids. Trevor was EXCELLENT!!
~Spotting SANTA~
We even got to see Santa in the mall, Trevor was excited, he saw him walking around, and then the girls spotted him. I was proud of how they handled it... Lauren just covered her eyes, she didn't cry or want to be held, she just sat in her stroller and cover her little face... and Brooke was shy, but smiling and saying Santa, really quietly, but still happy to see him. Trevor was sooo excited, but didn't want to go over by him without one of the girls. It was okay. I'm sure next year they will be more into seeing him and actually talking to him.
Just to see Trevor's face light up the way it did was amazing!! I know this will be one of the BEST Christmas' ever!! I can't wait to see how they all react Christmas morning!!! I'm so anxious I can hardly sleep at night now just thinking about it being so close! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!!
We left for shopping right after breakfast and ate lunch out, then came home right in time for dinner... we had a good day, and with three kids it went really well! I think if it had just been Bryan and I would have maybe found a few more bargains and gotten a few more things, but we did good. I'm happy! Now I just have to stay out of the stores until after Christmas, because I always see something more I want to buy for the kids!
So that was our weekend, and the beginning of this week has been pretty quiet so far. So that is all from here for now!


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