Tuesday, December 18, 2007

to BEE or not to BEE!

As I sit here, Trevor is sitting in a movie theater with is ENTIRE school pre-k through 5th grade, watching the BEE movie!! It is his first field trip ever!! I wasn't nervous until my mom asked if I was nervous. I got a little bit of a nervous feeling thinking about him being in a public non-secure environment with a *million other children and a few teachers! (*totally dramatizing, although there are a lot of students going and not as many teachers but still quite a few*) But, then I got over it some, and thought that it would BEE okay! (lol) I was good till this morning... I all of sudden wanted to go, but knew I couldn't with the girls. So here I sit wondering how he is doing... if he likes the movie, if he is comfy, if he is warm enough... and hoping they do NOT let him use the restroom there and if they do that someone goes with him and does NOT let him touch anything and makes sure he washes his hands well! I also hope that he isn't sitting on some disgusting seat with anything stuck to it, and that he doesn't try to touch any gum he sees, and that his jacket doesn't end up touching the floor at all. :( I know I'm paranoid... but I can't help it. I hope he is alright. It is a 2 hour movie and it started at 10 AM so he only has an hour to go.
I can't wait to see him later and see how he made out and if he like the movie or not. I'll update you guys too!


Sandy C. said...

Awww...what a momentous day this must be for both of you! :)

Don't you just want to send them out into the world with a big bottle of antibacterial wash??

BTW!!!! Ella has Tagged you're girls at Momisodes

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