Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas is Coming the Goose is Getting Fat!

For some reason, these words are stuck in my head, and I'm pretty sure they go to a song, but I can't remember any more than those few words! I cannot imagine that this is possibly something I came up with in my own feeble little mind, but maybe. I have Googled the words in attempt and hopes to find that I'm not loosing my mind, but no such luck.
FINALLY we are here!!! The BIG day has arrived... the one that I LOVE and dream about... and can NEVER wait to get here!! I cannot believe it is finally CHRISTMAS EVE DAY!!!! YAY!!! HIP. HIP. HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I haven't been around in a while because I have been home really. We have been off shopping, trying to finish up our never ending Christmas goody getting! And, when I'm home we seem to be having a steady stream of company ~ which isn't really company at all. Really. Friends and family. I love it though. And, Bryan and the kids are fond of visitors as well. I could have "company" every night of the week and not mind it at all. :)
So, this morning before the kids were all up, I got up and cleaned through the house like a whirl wind, I still have some more to do, but minor... so that I could type a little posty post here on this boring blog site!! Yippee!! I know you are smiling and so happy to see a post finally!! Don't lie... you know you have been checking this all the time!! lol
So, anyway... that is all that is new here... I am going to get some pics off my camera and upload them here of our tree and what not to make this a little more interesting... I'll be back.


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