Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Pictures ~ 2007

Christmas 2006 ~ Wow! How they have all changed!! What a difference a year makes. :)
These are some decorations that I made and hung up in Trevor's room. He LOVES the movie Elf, so I got the idea from the movie. It isn't as done up as they did in the movie, but maybe we will add more next year. He loves the way it came out!
Lauren, Trevor and Brooke
Christmas 2007
(We finally got a tree last week!!)

I took a bunch of pictures this isn't one of the greatest, but it is hard to tell when they are so small (thumbprint size) to choose a good one, I'll have to look for another one later.


Sandy C. said...

They are adorable! And my have they grown in 1 year :) It's so neat to look back on how much they've changed. You did a great job with the tree...I can almost smell the pine over here :)

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas....and Santa sends all 3 of them many, many delights :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I cannot believe, myself, how much they have grown in a year. I should put those two pics near each other so you can compare them better.
I totally let go and let the kids do most of the decorating on the tree. Bry did the lights and garland, I did a few fragile things, and they did the rest. :) Surprisingly, the ornaments and myself survived. lol
hugs, Jenn

radioactive girl said...

They are beautiful! I LOVE pajama pictures of my kids but now that mine are getting older they get mad when I take them!

Stephanie said...

Cute kids!

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