Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10 Reasons....

I was over at Adrienne's blog, Roots or Wings

and saw that she had done a list of 10 things she loves about blogging!

Since my blog seems to be lacking some pzazz lately,

I thought I would do a list of

10 Reasons I Love to Blog!

too! ;)

Also Sandy, at Momisodes

graciously presented me with this blog awardThank you Sandy! You make my day too! ;)
My 10 Reasons I Love to Blog:
1. Freedom of speech and thoughts
2. A place to de-stress
3. FREE therapy
4. Meeting new people and making new friends
5. I get to show my kids off without is seeming like I'm bragging
6. A place for me to procrastinate on doing all the other things I could, should and would be doing.
7. Letting me have contact with the outside world while being a SAHM
without having to actually leave my house when it is only 21 degrees out.
8. I get to read/stalk all these great people's blogs and read about their lives
and see their pictures w/o being nosey or a Peeping-Tom.
9. I am earning a LOT and damn do I mean a LOT of money
by having Google Ad Sense on my blog. ha!! ha!! ha!!
10. I get to make pathetic jokes and use sarcasm and I don't feel awkward because
I can't see you giving me that look like... "oh. she thinks she is funny. poor thing!"
Check out Adrienne's blog to be linked to the 10 list of Why you Love to Blog!


Sandy C. said...

Ahem sistah to all of those reasons for blogging!!! Especially #9, hehe.

So glad you're sporting your bling ;) I love coming here and had to hand it over to you :)

Sandy C. said...

oh...BTW...a tag for you if you wanna play :)

clickmom said...

My primary reason would have to be #6. I couldn't even tell you all the things I haven't done while I have whiled away the hours in front of the computer. One look at my crazy disheveled house might tip you off though.

Marlee said...

#10--It's DEFINITELY #10 for me!!!! ;)

LaskiGal said...

Love the list . . . I ask myself why I blog (and why I am now blogging all the time--a little addicted???). I could list the same and I think I've made about 2 cents with my ads, so needless to say, I'm rollin' in dough!

You know, in some cases it is so much easier to be yourself (or the self you want to be) when you blog rather than when you are physically with others . . . how crazy is that???

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~