Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Do you suffer from SSD??? I know I do! I would love to go to therapy or seek medical help for this "condition" that I have, but unfortunately I don't have the time to go. I mostly don't have the time to go because of the disorder itself. So I would like to start a mini support group here on my blog... I will rant, vent and bitch about all the things that are bothering me, and you in turn can comment on my bitching or you can rant, vent and bitch yourself in the comments. :) I think this will be a positive experience for all and may help the symptoms of SSD lessen even if it is just a little.
You are probably asking yourself What is SSD? Do I have SSD? Could I be suffering from SSD and not even know? What are the signs/symptoms of SSD? How can I, too, get help from SSD? And finally you are probably asking yourself Why does she keep typing SSD????
So to answer your questions ~
What is SSD? It is simply SAME SHIT DISORDER/Disease ~ I prefer disorder, but it may be a disease!
Do I have SSD? You very well could be suffering from SSD if you have a husband, boyfriend, significant other, and if you have children, your own or others around you, if you have a home/apartment or other, if you have a job or seeking employment.
Could I be suffering from SSD and not even know? Most likely if you are suffering from SSD you know about it... but didn't know how to pinpoint exactly what it was that you were suffering from. More and more people discover that they too have SSD every day. Do not ever feel like you are alone.
What are the signs/symptoms of SSD? The signs are pretty obvious once you start thinking about how you spend your days and nights. The most typical signs are having to repeat the same shit over and over and still people just don't hear or listen to you, another sign/symptom is that you have to constantly do the same shit over and over... example, pick up the same toys, clean up ice pop sleeves from by couch EVERY.SINGLE.FREAKING.DAY (from your husband, not your kids) put shoes on shoe rack EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.ANYONE.COMES.HOME. put away toothbrushes, toothpaste, cup, deodorant, aftershave, tweezers, razor, potty seat, stool, towel, refill toilet paper, close shower curtain, hang up towels etc EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. ANYONE.ELSE.USES.THE.BATHROOM. There are many other signs of SSD as well that we will go over as we do our group blogging therapy.
How can I, too, get help from SSD? The help you need is right here. I'm offering free counseling for everyone... we can all help each other with this battle and together we will hope to over come the struggles of SSD and the pain it has caused us. This is a safe place for you to come and share your feelings and frustrations with SSD. I want you to feel free to express yourself how ever you wish and be as open and honest with us as you want. Bitching, venting and ranting are all welcome and will help you to cleanse yourself from this horrible disorder.
And finally to wrap things up...
Why does she keep typing SSD?? SSD is a global problem it isn't just in my home or yours... it is wide spread and by making it known it will help all of us. So I'm trying to get the word out about SSD and in turn get some more knowledge about it for all to share. We are not alone in this battle, and with spreading the word, we can help others in need. Please, I urge you, reach out and talk to someone you love about SSD, they too, could be suffering.
Well this is all for now, but knowledge is power, and together we can all try to beat this! (or beat the people that cause us to have this disorder!)
Because of SSD, I have run out of time to post more for now, but I hope to return later and add some to this hot topic!
Thank you for reading and I am sure I will be able to thank you all for your support and encouragement as we forge forward with this.


Lil Mouse said...

kick your husband's ass. seriously. as soon as he gets up to leave the room, grab him and say, you have stuff to take out to the trash can/whatever. withhold whatever you need to, affection, etc. tell him that he's not getting another kiss until he cleans up his act. leave that shit on the floor until he picks it up. you may have to deal with it.

the toilet paper you may have to deal with for a while. but unless the kids can't reach a towel bar or are under 5 years old, they should be able to hang up their own towels. take away whatever they 'get' such as a snack or wahtever until they clean up their act as well... once they are self sufficient you will have more time for yourself and to do things with them such as play time. catch them doing the bad, make them rectify it. catch them doing good, appreciate it... seriously, no need for some of that SSDD stuff. especially if its preventable.

Em said...

Oh I totally have SSD

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~