Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm telling you my day is getting better and better!! Really it is. I'm not using sarcasm at all. I mean really how could it get worse?? It obviously had to get better!! (thank God!)
I cleaned my entire bathroom, which is totally therapeutic for me. What? It isn't therapeutic for you to clean your bathroom?? Huh? I'm surprised. Anyway... I did that and since then I have had a nice Zen-like, calm feeling about me. It also helped that the kids all napped for about 2 hours! Yay!!! I also made some muffins for a brunch-party thing I'm having tomorrow, which smell so scrumptious...
So my brilliance is this... I was looking at the dogs crate, b/c we are crate training her... all the experts say it is the BEST way to train your puppy/dog. :) Yeah the brilliance part is still coming... we are gettin' there.... *I need to get three more dog crates!!* Hallelujah I have a solution! When everyone is getting crazy and out of control and fighting with one another... instead of going into a time out by the stove, where they only stay for as long as they deem necessary, and I have to continually put them back... thank you Jo from Super Nanny! This way they will earn a time out to the penalty box! ha! No. No, really isn't barbaric at all! Think of it like hockey... they have to go to the penalty box when they do something naughty. :) I think this will definitely work.
I'll keep you posted on the results of my talk with Bryan about getting some more "penalty boxes" and this new form of time outs. :)
Peace my peoples!


clickmom said...

Penalty boxes! Awesome idea. If only we could, but you know those kids have those pesky opposable thumbs and could probably work themselves out. Damn opposable thumbs!!

Jennifer said...

damn you are right. shit!! what about zip ties?? too barbaric?? hmmm... we might have some child's rights activists on us for that. hmmm.. back to the drawing board!! :)

ps my verification word is
zip aq... zip ties they are calling to me!! lol

HRH said...

you need to be let loose at my house if bathroom cleaning is therapeutic...I wouldn't even charge you! I found you through 365.

HRH said...

Thanks for stopping by and I would be thrilled if you would add me to your blogroll.

Have a great weekend.

Sandy C. said...

U are genius..I'm dying to hear how this works out! And yes, a clean toilet can be quite liberating :)

Hope the brunch is fabulous!

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