Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is it wrong???

Is it wrong to have 22 + bathroom hand towels?? I'm cleaning my bathroom, like always, but this time I am doing a really good thorough cleaning of it and I was putting away all the towels, an I was thinking there were quite a few, but I was a little surprised to count 22 hand towels. I'm sure there are a few in the wash too. I like to have a lot of things like that... but is 22 too many?? You wouldn't even want to know how many wash clothes I have. Even after I got rid of a entire Price Chopper bag full of older wash clothes. Maybe I have OCD about over stocking on things like this..... Hmmm??


Sandy C. said...

Screw Bed Bath and Beyond! I'm coming over to your house to go shopping! 22 hand towels?...uh...err...I don't think we have 20 towels cumulative between hand, face, body and beach towels, lol! But then again, your household is nearly doubles ours in people, so it could be just right....but good heavens, that's a lot of folding! :-)

Jennifer said...

i think i out-stock Bed Bath and Beyond. lol I don't even know exactly how I have coleted all these hand towels... and although it is scary... I have about double that in wash clothes. I know I know. Crazy. I just got rid of entire bag of them though. :)
~have a good night~ jenn

Allie Bear said...

Want to know something funny, I have no hand towels in my bathroom. I have 2 in the downstairs bathroom and none in the kids' bathroom. My handtowels, which total around 10, are pretty much entirely used to take to the gym. Since I haven't been to the gym in months they have been sitting in the drawer. Am I weird? Wait, I already know the answer to that.

Jennifer said...

allie bear,

that reminds me that is where a few of my extra hand towels came from... I bought like 2-4 to take the the gym, best idea evah!! :) easy to carry and nice to have!! But that still doesn't explain the other 20+ that I have. lol
I think we all are a little, um, weird... but I like to say interesting or unique or colorful... sounds a little more forgiving. lol :D
Enjoy your day! Jenn

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