Monday, January 28, 2008


Today has been a day of GREATNESS!!
Yes indeed!!
Today Lauren and Brooke both stayed dry all morning long
and made all their pee pees in the potty!!
I'm so happy!!
I think only a few more days and we will have 2 more potty trained little beings in our household!!
I can't tell you how much I look forward to this momentous occasion!
What I don't look forward to is the use of public bathrooms with 2 little girls.
That is another post for another time.
More GREATNESS for today is that
Trevor had an excellent day in school
and he even said he had a fun and good day!!
(Mom is smiling really BIG while typing this!!)
Oh happy day!! Oh happy day!!


Allie Bear said...

That is awesome, I envy you. My daughter just turned 2 on the 3rd and we were going to start potty training but she refuses to poop on the toilet and its causing her to be constipated now. Looks like I have to wait, she's obviously not ready.

Susan Z said...

I envy you also. My boys (who are slightly older than your girls) have shown passing interest in potty training. We have had success with both poop and pee but not interest on a consistent enough basis to make it worthwhile. Sigh...someday they will be potty trained.

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