Sunday, January 27, 2008

wooo hoooo!!

Woo Hoo!! We just got home a little bit ago from sleigh riding, again. :) We had an awesome time!! We even took Lauren and Brooke with us this time... they were scared at first, but LOVED it the next few times down the hill. :) I'm glad they "warmed" up to it. Although it was freezing out tonight, it wasn't as cold as it has been and we all managed to stay warm under a million and one layers. :) Trevor of course, the crazy man that he is LOVES LOVES LOVES sleigh riding... can't get enough... evidently it runs in their blood because his cousin Katelyn had a blast too!! :)
Well this is all I have the energy to write for tonight... if I'm not too sore tomorrow, I will write some more.



Ecky said...

Wow that sounds fun... put some photos please ;)

Adrienne said...

We just got 17 inches of snow, so we are stuck inside at the moment! (Our car is stuck in our garage until they plow our apartment parking lot) Wishing we could get out though, as your post makes it sound like so much fun!!

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