Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm bummed

Jan 8th, 2007
So here I sit at WORD just typing away... thinking and wishing that I could connect!! :( I guess this is where the post any where and then add it to your blog thing comes in handy with the 365! I'm posting here and hoping and praying that Bryan can get my online at some point... or maybe that I can do it myself. It all goes back to the computer just dying!! UHHH! It has been really slow and crappy lately... so I decided to delete all the extra shit, like temp files and cookies and what-not... so I did all that and then stupid me thought that I could and should and really NEEDED to re-start the computer to get it all in order and to apply all the new things that I just did. WRONG!!! That is when my computer just says... ah... why sleep when I can just turn off!! Why re-start now, she is only going to make me do more work... I think I will just take a long vacation into the black hole some where and make her sweat a little bit.
Well yeah. That is what the computer did this morning... then finally after trying all day long and many many many failed attempts the computer finally came back to life!! I think it caught the strong vibe I was sending about being thrown out... I'm not sure,but I think that had some influence over it's decision.
BUT, the Internet connection is a little funky.. not sure what is going on with it... but it just won't work!! UHHHHHHHHHH!! I. HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH!! I need a new computer, it isn't even about wanting any more, it is a necessity and NEED and an every day staple!! I think I will have to talk to Bryan about this, ASAP!
Well I can't stand typing here on WORD, so I'm out... hopefully it won't be too long till I'm up and running on the world wide web!!! : ) ~OH shit... is that what the stands for?? World Wide Web... holy crap... I think I just taught myself something new! lmao!!


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