Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaacccccckkkk!

So here I am... I just copied and posted a thing I typed last night from word perfect... so I technically didn't miss a day... but really I did. I missed reading everyone else's blogs and I missed all those fabulous comments coming in... which by the way... thank you very MUCH!! :) I will be following up with all them a little bit later this evening... like when my kids are all sound asleep! They aren't sleeping now... they haven't all day long. I think it is a conspiracy, I think they all ganged up and did this together on purpose.
So, maybe some of you are wondering how I got back online... to the world wide web! I just called my Internet provider and they said...YOUR HUSBAND IS A MORON! just kidding... she said... unplug this... okay wait 30 seconds... good. Now plug it back in... okay... can you check to see if you have Internet connection now? I said sure, and I did, and viola!! I had Internet connection!! And actually this is what I told my husband to do, and this is what he told me he did do... but obviously he didn't do it right or wait long enough or something... because it DIDN'T work!! DUH! Whatever though, I'm just glad to be connected now!
I have to go save some pics to my new online photo site... I'll be around later!


Sandy C. said...

Welcome back to the cyber world

Nina said...

Welcome back! You didn't really miss a day if you had a tech issue. :-)

~RaenWa~ said...

Glad that you were able to get your issue fixed and get back online

clickmom said...

I have wasted so many countless hours on the phone with tech support to have my solution be the unplug thing. I finally went to radio shack, bought a big old power strip, plugged everything right down to the printer into it and now when something isn't responding I unplug the strip, microwave some popcorn, plug the strip back in and voila I am connected again. They pretend the unplug/plug order matters, but it hasn't made a difference here. The power strip all or nothing magic approach works every single time.

Annie said...

Our internet is really screwy, and after countless hours of frustration with the customer service people, I've found that the unplug, replug solution works fantastic.

Sorry you had issues! I can't function when I lose my internet.

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