Thursday, January 10, 2008


I apologize for not leaving any love one anyone's pages! My computer is totally sucking lately and it keeps dying on a more regular basis!! I don't even know if I will get it started again the next time it decides to die. Right now as I type this... I'm also saving all my pics to Shutterfly. I have had my computer totally take a crap and I lost so many pictures it was so devastating. There were pictures of Trevor's first steps and also his first trip to the ocean/beach. It was about 6 months of pictures. It was horrible. And, although that happened and I was crushed for a long time, till I decided that being upset and wanting to burn down the computer repair place wasn't going to fix things, I still haven't taken care of my digital photos like I should. Part of my main problem is that I have so many and take a LOT every day, or almost every day, that it takes me literally hours to burn them on CDs and then also it takes me a million and one CDs... so for now I am going to put them on Shutterfly and then manage them from there.
We are also going to be getting a NEW computer in the near future!! THANK GOD!! Please, just don't mention that around here, I don't want this one to think it can just quit on us... if only it could or would give us two weeks notice before dying off. Wouldn't that be nice?
Anyway... on a different note, my kids are HILARIOUS!! Truly they are!!
Lauren and Brooke are in this new phase of asking what EVERY. SINGLE. THING. IS. No matter if they already know or not... and then once you say it they repeat it back to you.
Lauren will usually say... What is that, Mommy? Or just ~ What's that? Then I will say (for example) that is a frying pan. Lauren will say. Frying Pan? Me: Yes, a frying pan. Lauren: I like a frying pan.
Brooke... What is that Mommy? or What's that? Me: That is a frying pan. Brooke: Oh. Frying Pan? Me: Yes. Brooke: Oh.
Lauren seems to like most everything... except here jammies. Not sure why, or where this comes from, but she doesn't like footed jammies anymore, maybe it is because she knows when she has them on it is usually bed time. Smart cookie I tell ya. But, her and Brooke are constantly taking their pajamas off whenever they have a second that someone isn't right there watching them. I keep on finding naked babies.
The other thing that is pretty funny with them lately... is that we are doing more "potty" work. I keep asking them if they want to go sit on the potty, which they ALWAYS do, they just usually don't do anything on there, but play with the toilet paper and flush the toilet a few times each. But the other night Lauren came to me and told me that she needed to go potty. And she actually said... Mommy, I haf to go potty. I haf to make pee pee really really bad. She was even holding herself. LOL Then of course we went in the bathroom, and low and behold she went pee on the potty. Brooke followed suite, saying she had to go really really bad too, but didn't manage any pee on the potty. I still gave them each some chocolate chips! :)
Trevor is always making us laugh and he really is just such a brilliant child... he is so smart and amazing... the way he puts things together is just unbelievable... Tonight we were joking with the kids and saying that we were going to give them back to the people we got them from... okay maybe not funny to some people, but please don't bash me, we were truly ONLY joking with our kids... and really Trevor was laughing and playing along... none of this was to upset them or make them feel bad or anything... really it was innocent. So we said that we found Trevor along the side of the road... and he said No way! And we said, yeah sure, of course that is where we found you... how else do you think we would get you?? And he said, you got me from the doctors. :) How sweet. He said he knows that is where you get baby from after a Mommy has it in her. ~ He is right too, a doctor or midwife is usually the one that gives you your baby after you give birth to it. What a little smarty! He knew he had the right answer too, you could just tell by the look on his face and they way his eyes lit right up.
Well this post has taken me forever... I can't believe that I got distracted for so long from it... I think I started typing it around 8:15 or so... and it is now 10:23. Oh well at least I finished it and it has some content, not like the last few I have posted. I really wanted to do the Thursday Thirteen... but I'm not sure I have the stamina to actually go through with it... I'll see. I have work on saving some pics...


Sandy C. said...

OMG! It's a conspiracy....what are the footed jammie manufacturers doing to make our children react this way!!!! Ella is doing this too ..and its friggin cold at night!!!! *sigh*

I'm so sorry you lost those photos..I would have been devastated..heck, I'm devastated for you!

At least you have something to look forward too...YAY to a new computer!!!!

~RaenWa~ said...

Your kids are so freaking hilarous lol & extremely smart to say the least wtg with the potty thing very cool Yipeee I am happy you are getting a new computer & yes plz feel free to add me to your blogroll & i'll add you to mines

clickmom said...

That age.. so sweet, and that mama, so wise to document every single day!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~